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Fairphone 4 Android 12 Introduction and FAQ

Fairphone 4 5G runs Fairphone OS (Operating System), an OS based on Android, with a set of standard Google Apps.

In February 2023, we released an upgrade to Android 12 to Fairphone 4 users.

With this Android 12 upgrade, we can continue to support the software of the Fairphone 4 for the foreseeable future. Always make sure you are running the latest software. Software updates contain improvements, security fixes, and ensure a smoother experience.  

For more information, we provide a selection of frequently asked questions and their answers below.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I upgrade? Is it difficult? What if I can’t upgrade?

It’s easy to upgrade. You most likely already received a push notification. Simply tap on the notification to begin the upgrade.

If you haven’t received the notification yet, power your device off and on. The push notification should appear when you connect to a Wi-Fi network.

You can also manually check for the upgrade:

  1. Go to Settings → (scroll down) SystemAdvancedSystem update.
  2. Tap Check for update.
  3. If it appears, tap the Update button.

If you encounter issues, you can find the full instructions on how to upgrade in the Update to the latest Fairphone OS support article.

Q: Why should I upgrade?

Software updates are important! Software is always evolving and requires continuous maintenance.

For example, we might have to fix an emerging security vulnerability, or we might correct something as simple as a typo.

Last but not least, if you upgrade to Android 12, you will be able to enjoy its numerous new features, such as zoom, extra dim display, and enhanced privacy settings.

Q: I haven't received the push notification on my Fairphone 4 to upgrade yet. What now?

It can take a few days for an update to become available to everyone. If you haven't received it yet, please wait a few days.

Q: What do I do when I have an issue after the upgrade?

You can try to fix the issue yourself with the help of our Troubleshooter or you can contact us.

Q: Why don't you offer an upgrade to Android 13 yet?

Fairphone 4 launched on Android 11 and for us to move to Android 13, means we would have to ‘skip’ an OS upgrade.

Google rolled out Android 13 in mid-August of 2022. When new Android versions are rolled out, it takes us time to implement them, as we are not as big as other Android manufacturers. In addition, in mid-August, the Android 12 implementation was almost done on our side (it was in the approval phase), so we chose to stick to Android 12 to avoid leaving users with Android 11 for longer than needed.

Q: Why was the Android 12 upgrade delayed for some operators?

At the start of February, we made Android 12 available to most Fairphone 4 users.

We carefully test and evaluate the performance of each software update. This update did not meet our quality standards on certain networks. We decided to delay it and continue working with operators to ensure that we can deliver the best possible experience. Android 12 was released to everyone at the start of March.

Q: Android 12 was released by Google a while ago. Why do you offer the upgrade now?

Fairphone 4 was launched just over a year ago. The device is still working on well-supported and secure software. We are always working to ensure safe and secure software is available on our devices. However, our team is significantly smaller than some of our competitors’ teams. So it takes us a bit longer to bring updates to our customers. We are working on improving this.

Q: Will you continue to support Android 11?

When switching from one Android version to another, we can not support both Android versions on the same device. As of March 2023, Fairphone 4 is supported only on Android 12.

If you still need more help after reading this article, contact our Customer Support.