How can I update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

We usually advise to run the latest update, which is now based on Android 7.

If your Fairphone is running Android 5 however, you will have to do the updating in steps. In that case, first upgrade to Android 6 first. Here are the instructions to do that. 

  1. Open the built-in Fairphone Updater app on your Fairphone 2 to start the update process. When you have an update notification, clicking it will also take you directly to the Fairphone Updater app. Make sure you run the latest version of the Fairphone Updater app or you will not be offered the update!

  2. In the Fairphone Updater app, follow the instructions to update. Make sure you are on a reliable Wi-Fi network and that you have a battery charge of 40% or more so you are good to go

  3. Select Install update

  4. Tap the Restart button to complete the installation.


To find out what to expect, you can read our article on the changes between Android 5.1 and Android 6.0.

If you haven’t received the instructions yet but read about the update via our newsletter,

  • Open the Fairphone Updater. The Updater will then check the server, otherwise every 24 hours
  • When you experience issues with the automatic updater or you have no Wi-Fi available, you can update manually.

In case you choose to keep on using Android 5.1, make sure your device runs the latest update version Android 5.1: Fairphone OS 1.13.0, which only has security patches covering March 2017. Once you have Android 6 running, we advise to upgrade to Android 7 as we will only offer future security fixes for Fairphone OS on Android 7.0 - staying on an older Android version is not recommended.

On our blog, we explain more on our journey to Android 6.0

If you experience an issue, please contact us!