Shipping and Additional Costs of Fairphone Products

The shipping fee varies. The shipping costs for your order depend on:

  • Your shipping country.
  • The shipping service you choose.
  • The items in your order.

See the table below for indications of the Shipping fee. The Shipping fee excludes customs taxes and extra costs.

We offer UPS Standard shipping to a home address for all countries listed.

For some countries, we are also able to offer shipping to a UPS Access Point™ (pickup points), see the table below.

We only ship to the countries listed below. We do not ship products or provide after-sales service to any other country or region.


Country Standard shipping
excl. additional fees*
UPS Access Point™ (pickup points)
shipping excl. additional fees* and promotions.
Austria € 12.95 € 7.95
Belgium € 7.95 € 4.95
Bulgaria € 15.95 not available
Croatia € 15.95 not available
Czech Republic € 12.95 € 7.95
Denmark (excluding Greenland) € 12.95 € 6.95
Estonia € 15.95 not available
Finland € 12.95 € 8.95
France Métropolitaine (excluding overseas territories) € 10.95 € 6.95
Germany € 8.95 € 4.95
Greece € 15.95 not available
Hungary € 15.95 € 8.95
Ireland € 12.95 not available
Italy € 12.95 € 6.95
Latvia € 15.95 not available
Liechtenstein € 12.95 not available
Lithuania € 15.95 not available
Luxemburg € 8.95 € 5.95
Monaco € 12.95 not available
Netherlands (excluding Bonaire, St. Eustatius, Saba) € 7.95 € 3.95
Norway (excluding overseas territories) € 21.95 € 12.95
Poland € 12.95 € 7.95
Portugal (excluding Azores and Madeira) € 12.95 € 7.95
Romania € 15.95 not available
San Marino € 12.95 not available
Slovakia € 15.95 not available
Slovenia € 15.95 not available
Spain (excluding Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla) € 12.95 € 8.95
Sweden € 12.95 € 8.95
Switzerland € 18.95 € 9.95
UK (excluding Channel islands) € 11.95 € 6.95

* All shipping fees listed exclude extra costs (see details below).


UPS Access points (pickup points)

A UPS Access Point™ location is a local business that partnered with UPS. This way, it can accept packages on your behalf.

  • You can select the 'Pickup' option as your shipping method at Checkout.
  • You can pick your order up at your own convenience.
  • You have 10 calendar days after delivery to the UPS Access Point™.
  • At pick-up, you have to show a valid ID. It is not possible to change the UPS Access Point™ shipping address after you have placed your order.
  • UPS Access Points™ shipping rates differ from the Standard UPS. See the table above.
  • UPS Access Points™ are not available in all of our shipping countries. See the table above.
  • In case your parcel is damaged, notify the UPS Access point™ right away.
  • It is not possible to choose a UPS Access Point when your billing address is in another country than your shipping address.


Extra costs

Payment fees

Some payment platforms also ask payment fees. For example when you use PayPal.


Norway, United Kingdom, and Switzerland

Items for Norway, the UK, and Switzerland have different pricing. The European Union VAT is not applicable and thus not included in the price. However, the local VAT and customs tax are now charged at payment (Delivered Duty Paid). This means that the prices of the items and shipping costs for these countries include:

  • Administrative and handling costs by the shipping carriers
  • Import/customs taxes.

Please read more on customs duties and taxes on this UPS page.