What is the price of Fairphone 2?

The price of the Fairphone 2 with a slim cover is €399*. The price includes the local VAT of the shipping country and the local copyright levies.

Please note

  • This price still excludes payment costs and shipping costs. 
  • Shipping costs vary, depending on where you live and what carrier you opt for.
    • Example: in the Netherlands shipping costs are 7 euros, based on the Dutch tax rate of 21%. Your shipping costs may be lower or higher depending on the tax rate that is applied in your country. The Dutch tax rate of 21% will be applied until we’ve reached your country’s sales threshold. The tax rate shifts to the local country’s tax once a certain number of phones has been sold in that country.
    • Shipping costs include shipping rate from the carrier + fuel surcharges + handling costs. So if the shipping costs are Euro 7,50 = 6,00 euros shipping costs + 1,50 euros for the rest
    • For Norway and Switzerland: be aware that extra costs and taxes apply. Administrative and handling costs by the shipping carriers and import/customs taxes are not included in the shipping price.
    • Please read more on additional customs duties and taxes on this DHL page
    • The DHL shipping rate includes insurance and support of the GoGreen initiative
  • We only ship to certain countries in Europe

To have a deeper insight into the pricing of the phone and what you support with your purchase, we have prepared the Fairphone 2 cost breakdown.

*May vary when discounts or promotions apply.



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