How to return to Factory settings on my Fairphone 2

Are you dealing with a software issue that you were not able to solve using Safe mode?
Or maybe you want to sell the phone to someone else?
In either case, you might want to erase all the information stored on your device. Let us show you how to reset your Fairphone 2 to factory settings.

Please note

A return to Factory Settings will delete all your data!
Before you perform the reset we recommend - if possible - to make a thorough backup. Save your pictures, music and all private files or make a mirror image of the content of your phone. You can save them on a micro-SD card, on your computer or synchronise with your Google account.


If your Fairphone 2 starts normally

If your Fairphone 2 is starting normally, you can perform a reset via the Settings menu. Go to:

Settings  Backup & reset  Factory data reset  RESET PHONE


If your Fairphone 2 doesn’t start anymore

If your Fairphone 2 does not start anymore, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have backed up or transferred all your data when possible
  2. To boot the Fairphone 2 into the system recovery, press and hold the power button first and the volume up button right after. Keep them both pressed until the Fairphone logo appears, which could take up to five seconds
  3. It might take the phone up to one minute to enter system recovery. When this happens, a resting Android robot lying on its back with the message “No command” will be displayed:
    • If you have Android 5 installed, you will also see a menu that you can navigate. Proceed to step 4
    • If you have Android 6 installed, you will only see the Android robot. To access the menu, press and hold the power button, wait for a second and then press and release the volume up button
  4. Use the volume up and volume down buttons to navigate into the menu. Confirm your choice with the power button
  5. In case you want to leave the System recovery, use the first entry 'reboot system now'. This will take you back to the regular operating mode. Or you can take the battery out
  6. When you want to proceed, select 'wipe data/factory reset'
  7. Select 'Yes -- delete all user data' to confirm that you want to delete your personal information. 
  8. Once the action is complete, the message "Data wipe complete” will appear
  9. The System recovery menu will appear once again. Select 'reboot system now'. Press the power button to confirm and restart your system
  10. The first boot will take more time than usual. 


Once you performed the reset

In case you did a Factory reset to try and fix a software issue, we recommend not to restore your data right away.
Test the phone for a day or two without installing any superfluous application or restoring unnecessary data.
If the issue is gone, proceed with restoring your data and application. Try not to do all at once though: if you perform a step-by-step restoration you might be able to identify any application or setting that caused the issue in the first place.

If you performed the reset to sell or gift the phone to someone else, you can now proceed to do so without worrying about your personal information.

Please note

An Android 6 factory reset performed through recovery mode will NOT delete any Google account login information stored on the phone.
This is a safety measure Google implemented with Android 6 to add an extra layer of security. As soon as you reboot the phone you will be asked to log into the Google account which was registered on the phone at the time of the reset.
If you are planning on selling the phone, execute another factory reset from the settings menu (see "If your Fairphone 2 starts normally").


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