Prepare for theft or loss of your Fairphone



We hope your Fairphone never gets lost or stolen. The reality, unfortunately, shows otherwise.

To avoid tragedies, we recommend that you prepare your Fairphone in advance and take extra security measures. This way you can prevent identity theft, data loss and unauthorized calling.

It is important to prepare your Fairphone in advance, so before you lose your new smartphone. Read on to find out how easy it is to make the Fairphone unusable for other parties.

In case your phone is stolen or lost, read on. If you want to sell or gift your device, scroll all the way down.


General preparation

In general, we recommend to:

  • Backup your data on a regular basis or use an automated Backup service.
  • Use a screen lock, with either PIN, Password or pattern. You can activate this via SettingsSecurityChoose screen lock
  • Set up a lock screen message with an alternative contact in case someone finds your Fairphone and wants to return it. This contact can be an email address or the phone number of your significant other. To do this go to SettingsSecurity → tap the cogwheel icon to the right side of Screen lock → tap Lock screen message
    (For Android 6 it is: SettingsSecurityLock screen message
  • Use a Sim card lock. SettingsSecuritySet up SIM card lockLock SIM card and move the slider to On
  • Have all information of your Fairphone in a safe place: order number and IMEI numbers. You will need them to file a police report and to report with us
  • Android and others offer special security options and apps. These will help you locate and lock your phone and delete your data remotely in the event that it ends up in the wrong hands. Read on for more explanation on the Android options


Android Device manager

You can find out the location of a lost or stolen Android device with Google's Android Device Manager. With the Device manager, you can also remotely tell the device to ring as well as erase all its data. On top of that, you can remotely lock your password and send a new password via this service. This way others will have no access to your device anymore.


Please note

  • The following recommendations need a Google account, and you have to log in with this account on your device

  • When you turn on Location, Google collects location data from your devices. Device location is approximate, and may not always be accurate. Google has more information about managing the local setting of your account

  • Device manager will not work for devices that are turned off or that do not have a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection with an active SIM card.

To be able to do all this, you need to let your Fairphone 2 know its location:

  1. Open SettingsLocation → Turn the Location slider to On
  2. You are now prepared for Android Device Management. Check whether the service is working. Access Android Device Manager via one of two ways:
    1. Browse to, log in with your Google account and verify that it displays your device
    2. Via All apps, open the Device Manager app. Sign in using (one of your) Google accounts

Once in, you can also check via other Google accounts you might have too. Check the options to remotely locate or lock your device or delete the data by a Factory reset


Lost or stolen Fairphone

What you can do when your device is not in your hands anymore:

  1. Track or block your phone from a distance with apps and services you can install or activate in advance. We are unable to track your phone, that is something the police can do
    1. To send a new lock code, click on the Lock button.  Enter and confirm the new password and then click on the Lock button. From now on, your device asks to key in the new password to access the device
    2. To make your phone audible, click on the Ring button. The device will ring at full volume for five minutes
    3. To perform a Factory reset so your personal data will be erased, click on the Erase button. After you erase the device, Android Device Manager will no longer work on it
    1. When you use Android Device Manager, open it up via another Android device or browse to the Android Device Manager web site. There, you can locate your device when the location is On
  2. Contact the local police and file a police report. Provide them with as much information as possible. Do not attempt to retrieve the device yourself. You will need the IMEI 1 and 2:
    1. On a Fairphone 3, you can find the IMEI's printed on the blue sleeve of the original box and inside the Rear module, when you take the battery out.
    2. On a Fairphone 2, they are printed on the side of the Core module (take off the protective cover).
    3. With Fairphone 1(U) you can find them underneath the battery. With all phones, you can also find the IMEI numbers on the bottom of the original white box
  3. Contact us so we can register it in our stolen phone list, which is the best we can do on our side. We consult this list when we encounter a phone without an order number. We also need your IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 and your order number to do this.

Ending your ownership

If you sell your phone as second-hand or gift it to someone else, make sure the new owner can use it.
To enable this, deactivate the phone protection
If you do not remove your screen lock (PIN, Password or pattern), the new user can not add their account

In case you encounter this as the new owner, you will  have to contact the previous owner to help you out. 

Need more help? Contact our support team!