How can I give and use the Fairphone Gift Card?

Give a Fairphone Gift Card


There are two ways to give a beloved one a Fairphone Gift Card.

  1. You can send a direct email to the receiver with the Gift Card code 
  2. When you want to give something tactile, you can choose the second option. You fill in a template of your choice and print it out. You can then wrap it up nicely to hand it over in person to the receiver.

To start with your purchase:

  1. Select the gift card in our shop
  2. You can choose to send the card direct via email to the recipient or to receive the Gift Card yourself to print at home
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  4. When you place the order, we send you an order confirmation via e-mail
  5. The moment we receive your payment, we send a payment confirmation via e-mail with the invoice. This moment counts as the date of issue
  6. You will receive a last mail from us:
    1. When you have chosen to send a direct mail to the Gift Card receiver, you will receive a confirmation that this mail has been sent but without the actual code
    2. In case you have chosen to print out the Gift Card yourself, the Gift Card code is on the image that you receive via this mail.

When you don’t receive these confirmation mails, check your spam folder first. If they are not there, log in your account to check if your mail address is correct. 

Use a Fairphone Gift Card


To make use of a Gift Card code, you first have to activate the code.

If you have a Fairphone account:

  1. Log in at the webshop 
  2. In My AccountGift cards and accounts, enter the code in the mail sent to you 
    1. If you can not see it, enable Images to show in your email client

If you do not have a Fairphone account yet:

  1. Go to the webshop to order
  2. During checkout, enter the code in the 'Do you have a Gift Card?' field
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  4. Fill in the requested data to create an account


Please note

  • The Fairphone Gift Card has an expiration date of 36 months (3 years) counting from the date of issue. Once you add the gift card to your balance by redeeming, the funds will not expire
  • When you log in your account, you can view your Fairphone Gift Card balance in your cart
  • It is not possible to combine more than one gift card or discount code. Per order, you can use only one code.