Is the Fairphone 2 upgradable?

Currently our main focus is on extending the life cycle of the FP2 through durability and reparability.

The modular design offers upgrades of the phone without having to change the entire device.

We’re improving the device so that the product can live longer. As the first step, we have refreshed the cameras used in the FP2 as this is one of the most used features of the phone.

As a second step, we have refreshed the covers.

As a third step, we are preparing Android 7 for the FP2, in order to innovate on the software too.

Other possibilities are on the table. Some as ideas, some are in development. We can also use updated components and subsystems to replace the original ones, to keep providing repair units. The possibilities are quite broad and we are definitely going to explore them.

Have a look at the technical specs of the Fairphone 2 in any case. We are sure you will like it!


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