Troubleshoot issues with your bank transfer


When you use a bank transfer, please understand:

  • Our payment partner Adyen sends the payment instructions to your email account
    • If you can not find the instructions, please check your spam folder. Search for our payment provider Adyen.
  • Make sure to include the correct payment reference in the transfer; otherwise, we can not link your payment to your order
  • Fill in “Adyen” as the recipient
  • Only use the address mentioned in the instructions for your bank transfer, do not use the Fairphone office address
  • Payments can only be made in Euros (€), unless your shipping address is in the UK: then it will be in GBP (£).
  • For international bank transfers: make sure that the conversion costs will be with the sender - not the receiver. Otherwise, your payment is not correct and will not be automatically processed.


Please note

  • Bank transfers can take up to five (5) working days to be processed
  • You can track the status of your bank transfer here
  • Your bank's identity might have changed when you verify the BIC - you can check that independently here (example of such change)
  • You can always make an (international) bank transfer to our bank account in the Netherlands.
    • For some countries we also offer a local bank account - see the detailed information in your email. If you transfer to a local bank, you do not need to use a BIC. Then, simply transfer using the IBAN. You can find the following local banks in your instructions:




IBAN starts with:

WGZ (Westdeutsche Genossenschafts-Zentralbank)



Deutsche Bank



Deutsche Bank



BNP Paribas






In case we need to help you with other bank transfer issues, we need as much information as you can give. Please contact our support team and include:

  • a screenshot of the details you filled in in your online banking
  • a screenshot of the transfer as registered in your bank account overview (you can black out all info we do not need to see): we need the transaction id.
  • a screenshot of the error message your online banking gives you.