How to replace a Fairphone 2 module

The Fairphone 2 was designed to allow you to replace the parts that are more prone to failures and accidents.
Some repairs, like replacing the display or the battery, don’t require any tool. To replace other components, like the rear camera, top, and bottom modules, you’ll only need a Phillips screwdriver (#00).

Every #00 Phillips screw used inside the Fairphone 2 is marked by a blue circle around its socket, allowing easy identification. And to make things easier, the screws are all identical in size.

Each product comes with a 24-month warranty. It does not extend the warranty of the smartphone device with which it is compatible.

Where can I find a Phillips screwdriver?

Check your toolbox, as it likely includes one. You are looking for a Phillips screwdriver, size #00 or #0. Please note that Phillips is not a brand name, but a type of cross-shape screw drive.
If you wear glasses you might have used a Phillips #00 driver to tighten the screws connecting the temples to the front of the frame.

If you cannot find one at home, your local hardware store will likely have it for sale. If you prefer, you can buy one online as well.


How do I replace a Fairphone 2 Module?

Check out our video tutorial on how to replace a module to help walk you through the process:


In the video above you see how to replace the top module of a Fairphone 2. iFixit also offers guides for each separate module:


Please note

If you are willing to replace a core module, and your phone is in warranty, you’ll need to contact us first. Make sure to mention the reason why you want to replace your core module.

Also if you’re still uncertain about a specific repair, you can always contact our support team.


Have fun!