How can I transfer my data to my new Fairphone 2?


When you migrate between two devices, you want to take along all your personal data (like Contacts, Pictures, Calendar, etc.) as well as your installed apps.



With Android, it’s pretty straightforward to transfer your data to and from any Android phone. This will back up app data, Wi-Fi passwords and other settings to Google servers.

Using Android Back up:

  1. Use the “Backup & Reset” app which you can find in Settings
  2. Tap “Back up my data” and slide the button to On
  3. When you start up your new device, a text asks you if you want to restore your data
  4. Confirm

When you do not want to use the Google servers, you can back up everything on your SD card, using third party apps.



You can find the instructions on how to transfer data from iOS devices in a separate article 

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