How do I get my 3D printed case for my Fairphone 1?

We do not showcase the 3D printed case designs for your Fairphone 1(U) on our website. You can go directly to the site of Thingiverse, where you have to choose a vendor.

Please note

The 3D printed case is compatible ONLY with Fairphone 1(U), not with the Fairphone 2, which has an integrated protective case.

At the Thingiverse site, you can:

  • Download the print files
  • Order the case printed

Download print files

  1. Follow the webshop link to the specific design on the Thingiverse site
  2. Download the print files via:
    1. The button Download all files
    2. The button Thing files
  3. Print the case:
    1. Yourself on your own 3D printer 
    2. Or send/bring the files to your local 3D printer shop to have them print it out for you.

Order the case printed

  1. Choose your specific design on the Thingiverse site
  2. Tab the button Order This Printed
  3. When you scroll down, Printing apps shows you the vendors that offer the print of this design
  4. Hover over the picture of the vendor of your liking
  5. Tab on the button Launch app that appears, to launch the app
  6. Sign in with your Maker Bot account or create a new account
  7. Select files to print, the quantity, your preferred colour and enter your shipping address 
  8. Place the order
  9. Decide on picking up or shipping the print
  10. Pay.

When something goes wrong with your order, you can contact them.


Need more help? Contact our support team!