Fairphone 1 Dual SIM feature


Mini SIM card

The Fairphone 1, only supports a Mini SIM card (2FF)(ID-000 format), sized: 25mm x 15mm x 0.76mm. If you have a micro SIM card, it is possible to use a SIM adapter. We do recommend to get a new SIM card in the right size to prevent issues.

Dual SIM Feature

With a Fairphone 1, you can use two SIM cards from different service providers and even from different countries. You can make and receive calls and text messages from both cards, but you will use mobile data only from the preferred SIM card.

Configure your preferences

When you add or change the SIM cards (one or both), a configuration notification will appear.

Touch it to go to:

  1. SIM card settings - or go to the phone Settings  SIM management  SIM Enablers
  2. Choose to enable/disable a SIM card 
  3. Name each of your SIM cards (for example with the name of the provider or work/private, own country/foreign country)
  4. Go to Preferred SIM
  5. Set your preferences for Mobile data, Voice Calls, Video Calls and SMS messages.

Toggle and limit mobile data connection

To toggle mobile data connection for each SIM card:

  1. go to Settings Data usage
  2. toggle Mobile data

To limit mobile data connection for each SIM card, continue with:

  1. Tap the intended SIM card
  2. Tap the date range to select the day of each month when you want the mobile data counter to be reset (for instance when your data plan is renewed)
  3. Toggle the Set mobile data limit setting to On
  4. Use the orange ruler to set your limit.

The phone will notify you and deactivate cellular data on this SIM card when the threshold is reached (per cycle).

Furthermore, you can define a mobile data warning: your phone will notify you once you've used a certain amount of mobile data through that SIM card.

Last but not least, you can restrict the mobile data used in the background. This means that apps will not be synchronizing any data (e.g. receive e-mails and Internet calls, refresh the weather forecast, etc.) until you use them. This will reduce the amount of mobile data used. To restrict the mobile data in the background:

  1. Tap the More settings icon (the default button at the bottom left corner)
  2. Select Restrict background data

Set the preferred network type (2G/3G)

There can be only one SIM card connected to a high-speed network type (3G). To define which one:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Pull-down menu
  2. Touch the button on the top right
  3. Select data connection.

This will enable the internet connection on the SIM card you choose.

3G capability is set by default on SIM 1 (left).

To change 3G over to SIM 2, go to:

  1. Settings Wireless & Networks Section More Mobile Networks 3G Service Enable 3G
  2. Choose the intended SIM.

Toggle mobile data roaming (when you are abroad)

Are you travelling outside of your home country? Remember to double-check your SIM cards configuration. Using mobile data while you are abroad can be expensive. Better be safe than sorry!

  • Go to Settings More Mobile networks Cellular network settings
  • Go to Data roaming and tick the checkbox if you want to use the mobile data while travelling
  • Repeat the step above for the second SIM card.

Extra tips

Using mobile connection may be expensive and can drain your battery faster than usual.

If you have a weak mobile signal, your phone will consume more energy to stay connected. When this happens, try to move closer to the access point or turn off the data connection if you’re not using it.

Watch our video tutorial about how to use Dual SIM feature and see also how assign your contacts to a certain SIM card (contact binding).