How can I recycle my phone?


To give your unused phones a new life, we have a recycling program for you. This program is only offered for EU-countries, excluding Portugal due to technical reasons.

Recycling program

How it works:

  1. Go to our recycling program page for the instructions and the form you need to fill in

  2. Based on the IMEI:

    1. Your phone is eligible for this recycling program: you receive a free shipping label
. You can ship the phone!

    2. You can ship a maximum of 3 devices and at least one of them should be able to start-up. This is the IMEI number you must use in our recycling form.

    3. Your phone can not be refurbished or used for spare parts: you can recycle the device locally. Consult the website of your municipality to recycle your phone and do not download the shipping label.

When you receive a shipping label: 

  1. Prepare your phone
    1. Leave the battery inside your phone. Do NOT include them if it is bloated or swelling!
    2. Remove your SIM card and/or memory card and erase your personal data. Our recycling partner will wipe the data from your phone upon arrival
    3. Erase any pin or access code you would need to access the phone.
  2. Package your phone
    1. Wrap the phone and accessories securely in tissue paper or bubble wrap
    2. Place everything in a box. Add more newspaper or bubble wrap to keep things from sliding around
  3. Print the shipping label we sent you and tape it on to your parcel
  4. Drop it off at your local postal office. For your administration: you can see the shipping company on the shipping label.
  5. Your phone will be reused or recycled to get the maximum value from the materials.


Please note

  • Find your IMEI number:
    • On the back, side or inside the phone

    • Underneath the battery

    • On the original phone packaging 

    • By calling *#06# 

  • Our DEKRA-certified partner removes all personal data from your phone. For peace of mind, you may wish to delete the data yourself before sending in your phone
  • Unfortunately, our recycling program only applies to countries in the EU, so the program does not apply to Norway and Switzerland. The recycling program is also not available for Portugal. The logistic impact of adjusting the program to these countries exceeds the resources we have available. You can look into local e-waste recycling programs to give your old phone a new life.
  • We use any revenue we receive from your old phones to support this recycling program and all our other social and environmental projects
  • If shipping costs are greater than the value of your device, we recommend that you recycle your phone locally. Consult the website of your municipality.
  • Except for Closing the Loop, we have no direct ties to the recycling companies we suggest. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions of the Fairphone Recycling Program and the FAQ of Closing the Loop before sending in or dropping off your phone
  • When you want to recycle a spare part or module, you can do this via your local e-waste recycling point. Consult the website of your municipality.

That's it! Thanks for supporting safe recycling and helping Fairphone extend the lifespan of mobile phones.