Clear the cache of apps on Fairphone 2


A cache is a storage location for the temporary storage of data. They speed up access to these data. Sometimes there are conflicting data or the data conflict with the data in another location. To solve this, you can clear the cache of all these data. 

If an app misbehaves, the first step in troubleshooting the issue is to clear the cache of one or all apps. This does not erase user data (e.g. settings, pictures).



The following instructions are written for Android 7. Did you not update yet? Update first!

Clear the cache of a specific app

  1. Go to Settings Apps and find the app
  2. Tap on Storage
  3. Tap on Clear cache.

Clear Cache of all the apps on your phone

To clear the cache of all apps do the following:

  1. Go to Settings Storage
  2. Tap on Internal storage
  3. Scroll to Cached data
  4. Tap Cached data
  5. In the pop-up Clear cached data?, click OK.