The Repair Process, what to expect?

This article is an outtake of the Fairphone Returns Policy and the support article Repair price list and FAQ

When you experience troubles with your Fairphone 2, you can

  • Consult the Support pages
  • Walk through the troubleshooter to
fix the issue yourself

    • deduct what exactly the issue 
    • provide customer support with necessary information you then do not have to repeat 

  • Contact Customer Support

Once you contacted Customer support, your request will have a request number. We use this for a quick identification of you, your phones’ history and the contact history. Use the (latest) request number each time you contact us. This prevents having to repeat yourself to the agent.

During our contact, we will establish if a repair process is necessary.

  1. To start the process, you need to request a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number. 
  2. When the request is approved, Customer support provides you with the instructions on how to proceed with this and provides you with the address of our repair centre. 

  3. You send your phone to our repair centre. Use proper packaging and the label and address provided

  4. We notify you once the phone has arrived at the repair centre

  5. Our technicians at the Repair Centre assess your phone 
  6. Our repair centre will notify you of the diagnosis:

    1. If something needs to be repaired

    2. What needs to be repaired

    3. If the repair is in or out of warranty

  7. When the repair is in warranty, we repair your phone, give it a software update (this will delete any data stored on your device) and send it back to you
  8. When the repair is out of warranty, we will send you a quote and invoice
. See for more info the Repair costs and Repair FAQ support page
  9. You can then opt for: 

    1. Pay for Handling and Shipping and have the phone sent back unrepaired

    2. Pay for Repairs, Handling and Shipping. As soon as we have received your payment, we start with the repair. After testing, we send the phone back

Please note

  • Do not send your phone or modules without RMA
  • Do not send your phone to our office. Our repair centre is located elsewhere, so the process will take up more time. 

If you need more information or have a repair request, contact us!

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