How do I upgrade my camera module?


So, you purchased the camera bundle, or one of the two modules containing a camera. Follow these instructions to upgrade your Fairphone 2. You can also consult the iFixit guide for visual instructions


First, prepare for the transformation.

  • Update your Fairphone 2: make sure your phone is running the latest software (note that only the Fairphone OS and the Fairphone Open are supported.)

  • Clean the surface you will work on

  • Get a Phillips #0 screwdriver (or the cross-tip screwdriver to fix your eyeglasses) ready 

  • Think of a little container for your screws


Take the phone apart

  1. Power off your FP2
Take the cover off

    1. Snap off the back cover from its rim 

    2. Take the rim off the phone 

  3. Take the battery out 

  4. Push both blue bezels at the bottom of the core module to the middle 

  5. Slide the display module off 

    1. When it doesn’t slide off well, put the phone between both your hands in a prayer position. Apply even force with the palms of your hands to get some traction 

  6. Take the display module off from the core module in an L-shaped movement 

Replace modules

Then, it is time for the replacement. Please also have look at the iFixit guides (Teardown and Rear Camera module) to see it in pictures.

  1. When you replace both top module and camera module, unscrew and take out the current camera module before you unscrew and take out the top module
When the top module doesn't come out well, lift it at the bottom so you can turn in upwards and out

  2. Put the screws in a little container: you'll need them later!

  3. Take off the blue protection film off the new camera module
  4. Place the new top module and the new camera module in the frame of the core module
Screw them in place with the screws you put in the bowl. Not too tight!

  6. Reassemble your Fairphone back together

    1. Place the display module back - push both blue bezels at the bottom of the core module all the way to the sides
Insert the battery
Put the cover back on
Tip: before you place the display back, take the time to clean your phone. Clean the inside of the selfie camera hole and the front of the display with a soft cloth

  7. Power your Fairphone On. 


Now, you're almost done. Follow these 4 tips to optimize the use of your new camera('s).

  1. When you upgrade the top module, you will receive two notifications. One will guide you to recalibrate the proximity sensor after swapping. You might experience the "screen stays black during a call" issue if you don't do it. When you replace the top module, tap the notification. A wizard then takes you through the calibration process. If this doesn’t work or you want to do it manual, please follow these steps

    1. Start the proximity sensor tool from the phone SettingsMaintenanceProximity sensor
    2. Follow the 3 steps to calibrate the proximity sensor

    3. Reboot your device as explained at the end
    4. Completing the calibration will remove the notification for good.

  2. After your reboot, you'll also receive a notification that the camera replacement was successful. See fig. 1 and 2). This notification shows two options when you tap it. Choose Read now when you want to read more. Choose Discard when you do not want to receive it again

  3. It is important to prepare third-party camera app(s)* to make sure they use the new camera specifications. Otherwise you will have faulty pictures with artifacts
If you only use the default Google Camera app on your device, you don't have to do anything. It's already optimised for the new camera module. To be sure,
      1. Open the Camera app
      2. Slide with your finger from the left side of the screen to the right
      3. It will show the icons for Photo sphere, Panorama, Focuseffect, Camera and Video. At the right bottom of the screen you will see the Cogwheel icon. That is the Settings icon. Tap it
      4. Choose Resolution and quality
      5. In Camera, tap Back camera photo
      6. Choose the highest resolution
      7. Go back
      8. In Camera, tap Front camera photo
In all the camera apps installed, select the highest resolution available:
- For the new camera modules those are 12.6 megapixels (main) and 5 megapixels (front)

      - For the old camera modules those are 8 megapixels (main) and 1.9 megapixels (front)

  4. If -in the rare case- you run into issues with a camera app (i.e. Google Camera on Fairphone OS and Android Camera on Fairphone Open), make sure that specific app you uses the highest possible settings (see step 3). If it doesn't do this automatically, please clear the data:
    1. Open System SettingsApps → select Google Camera (or any other third camera app you use) → StorageClear Data.

    2. Don't worry, no pictures will be deleted! Only the photo app's data + cache will be gone. The app will be reset (just in case, make sure you synchronize or back up everything)
That's it; now open the camera app of your choice to enjoy the new camera module!

Read our support article on how to recycle your abandoned module.

*Other third-party camera apps are for example: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.