How can I recycle my module?

To give your abandoned module* a new life, you have three options.

When your old module is still in working condition, you can make another Fairphone 2 owner happy with it via the forum Marketplace.
When your module is not working anymore, you can discard of it via a local recycling point OR send it to us.

To send your module to us, see the recycling page or follow these instructions.

  1. Pack your module for shipment. Preferably in its original packaging or the packaging of your replacement module
Address it to:

    • Fairphone Module Recycling
      Jollemanhof 17

      1019 GW Amsterdam

      The Netherlands

  3. Send it via regular post to our office. Please note that the post fee is on your own costs. There is no need for insurance or tracking so you can choose the cheapest fee for posting a letter.

That's it! Thanks for supporting safe recycling and helping Fairphone extend the lifespan of mobile phones.

Please note

*Batteries can not be sent via regular mail due to the hazardous materials they contain. Please discard of them locally.


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