What do I need to provide with a support request?

To address your issues as quickly as possible, it pays off to be as efficient as possible.
You can do this when you provide us with the following information. We will eventually need all of this information during the process, so sending it in advance avoids mailing back and forth.  

Please note

When your phone is out of warranty you might want to consult the repair price list first to understand what to expect.

Proof of purchase

  • If you purchased the product via our online store, we simply need the order number which identifies your purchase

  • If you purchased the product through a reseller, we need a scan of the original invoice and delivery note stating:

    • Purchase date

    • Shipping/delivery date

    • Purchase costs

    • Order number

    • The IMEI number of the device 

The unique identifier of your device

  • Each device has a unique  serial number. To identify your FP2, we need the IMEI 1.

  • Type out this number consisting of 15 or 16 digits

  • Next to that, send us a picture of the IMEI 1 and barcode, like this. 

Picture of interior of FP2

  • To be able to assess hardware damage from a distance, it is helpful to send us a picture of the interior of your phone

    • Unmount the display
    • Make a picture of the interior like this
Attach it to your mail request as a .jpeg or .pdf 

Version of OS

  • Check what software version you have installed and let us know

  • If it is not the latest version, please update to see if this solves your issues. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

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