True Wireless Stereo Earbuds - End of Sales FAQ

At Fairphone, we're dedicated to keeping you informed about our product updates. In November 2021, we introduced our True Wireless Stereo earbuds to enhance your audio experience, and we've been thrilled to have you on this journey with us.

Now, as the times evolve, so do our product offerings. We want to share the news that we are phasing out our Fairphone TWS earbuds.

This article is here to address any questions you may have. Your trust in Fairphone means the world to us, and we look forward to bringing you more exciting developments in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: (When) will the colors that are currently out of stock become available again?

We are currently phasing out the Fairphone TWS earbuds. That means that color options that are marked as “sold out” in the Fairphone webshop will not come back in stock.

Q: Why are you no longer selling the TWS earbuds?

The TWS earbuds were our first step in a journey to increase the level of sustainability in the audio segment. We wanted to apply our learnings from developing and producing smartphones to a new product category, by including recycled plastics and integrating fair trade gold into the supply chain. We have since also offered customers a degree of repairability, by adding the option to replace each individual “bud”, as well as the charging case.

As we did all the way at the beginning of Fairphone with Fairphone 1, we worked on bringing more fair materials and an improved battery-life to an off-the-shelf design we licensed. That said, it was always our goal to offer a truly repairable product down the line. The Fairbuds XL, our over-ear headphones that launched in May 2023, were a logical continuation of this journey.

Q: Will you still honor the warranty for earbuds that have already been purchased?

Of course! If your earbuds still qualify for the 2-year warranty, we will continue to replace or repair the broken components in accordance with the warranty agreement. We will continue to repair broken sets of earbuds as long as our spare part stocks last.

Q: Will you keep selling spare parts for the TWS earbuds on your website (and does that mean I can still buy a complete set by buying all three parts separately)?

This might still be possible, but we do not expect you to do that.

Q: Will you be launching a new version of the TWS earbuds soon?

We can only repeat what we said in a blog post we wrote about the TWS earbuds when they first launched: “As we did with the Fairphone 1, we will continue to raise the bar amongst others improving the repairability and content of fair materials. And we are confident we can get there with the partners, relationships and experience we have now. Stay tuned!”

Q: By discontinuing the earbuds, are you admitting that you only launched them to make a quick profit right after launching a smartphone without a headphone jack?

No. Wireless earbuds have become increasingly popular in recent years and are now the most popular audio segment. The wired use case is becoming increasingly less common since more and more people rely on Bluetooth-connected devices. True Wireless Earbuds also enhance the user experience, so we wanted to apply some of the learnings from our smartphones to this segment to increase the level of sustainability. Without the TWS earbuds, we would not have been able to come up with the Fairbuds XL (that allow for optional wired listening). It was the pivotal first step in our experiments in the audio space. Additionally, we are committed to supporting people who rely on wired headphones by using our headphone jack adapter

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