Keep Club

The Keep Club is our way to reward you for keeping your Fairphone for as long as possible, as well as promoting our mission to your friends and family.

From referring friends to buying spare parts, every Fairphone friendly action you do will allow you to build up points that you can either use for a discount, or donate to the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM). Our goal is to reward you for keeping your phone longer and making the planet cleaner.


Sounds good! How do I join?

That's pretty easy. Go to the Keep Club page, click on Join Now and follow the instructions. In there, you will also find all the general information about the program. You will find the answers to questions like "How does it work?", "How do I collect points?", and "How do I use my points?".

If you need a more detailed answer, or your question in not answered there, you can find our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below.

Note: To join, you need to be at least 18 years old and live in one of the countries we ship to.




How do referrals work? How many times can you refer someone?

Glad you asked! With the referrals, you can give a friend a €50 discount towards a Fairphone or Fairbuds XL. Once they place their order, you get 250 points (worth €25).

You can send your referral link to as many people as you like, it's unlimited! You can however only get the 250 points up to 10 times, meaning that 10 people bought a product from us using your referral link.

How does the tiers system work?

The Keep Club has three tiers: Copper, Silver and Gold. By collecting points, you will be able to move up in tier and access different benefits. Upon registration, you will automatically be placed in Copper.

How do you earn points?

This is how you can earn points:

  • Joining the club: Receive 20 points for joining the Keep Club.
  • Phone’s Birthday: Earn 20 points for every year you keep your phone! You don’t need to do anything, but wait for the automatic email confirming it’s your phone’s birthday. We calculate this based on the date you installed it/booted up for the first time.
  • Purchase of spare parts, protective cases or screen protectors: For every euro spent on spare parts or a protective accessory, earn 1 point.
  • Successful referral: Earn 250 points for each successful referral.
  • Follow us on Instagram: Earn 10 points for following us on Instagram.
  • Follow us on TikTok: Earn 10 points for visiting our TikTok page through the Keep Club page.
  • Retweet: Earn 10 points when retweeting our pre-selected tweet.
  • Newsletter: Earn 10 points for subscribing to our newsletter.
  • Watch or read content: Earn 20 points when watching or reading our pre-selected content and answering an easy question at the end.
  • Recycling: Earn 20 points for each phone you return through our Reuse & Recycling Program.
  • Register warranty: Earn 10 points for registering the extended warranty for your Fairphone 4 and Fairphone 5.

How do you spend points?

10 points equals €1, so 100 points equals €10. There are two ways to spend points. You can choose how many points to use for a discount by selecting the 'Choose Reward' drop down box on an order in the checkout. Points can only be redeemed when reaching the following levels: 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 and 1,500.

The second way of spending points is by donating your points on the Keep Club page to the charity provided. This charity is our longstanding partner Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM). With a donation, you can support their important work with the agromining cooperate of Iquira in Colombia. Points can be donated in the same increment amounts as above.

Can I get points from an old order?

No. Keep Club points can only be redeemed for applicable orders or recycled devices from after September 2023, when the Keep Club program launched! 

I cannot see my birthday points registered - why not?

If you do not see details about how many points you have or what the birthday date is, do not worry. We are aware of this glitch and our teams are working on a fix. You should see your amount of points increasing automatically when this fix is released to the Keep Club program. Thank you for your patience with this!

Why can I not register my Fairphone 1 or Fairphone 2 for birthday points?

Fairphone 1 or Fairphone 2 cannot be registered, as we no longer offer support for these phones. It is a bittersweet thing for us to say, as we were truly proud of what we did with these. You can read more about our Fairphone 1 support update in July 2017 here and our Fairphone 2 support update in March 2023 here.

Do my points expire?

If you’ve racked up enough points - use them! If you don’t intend to buy something at the moment, you can donate your points. For administrative and financial reasons, your points will expire after 3 years. Please check our Terms and Conditions for all the details.

Where do Keep Club donations go?

If you choose to donate points, your donation will go in full to purchase Fairmined Gold Credits as additional contributions to responsible artisanal mining. This is additional to Fairphone’s own Gold Credit purchases to account for the material footprint of our products, as per our fair materials target we set for ourselves every year.

If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.