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Fairphone 4 New Life Edition


The Fairphone 4 New Life Edition is the refurbished version of Fairphone 4. We've already done this with Fairphone 2 and Fairphone 3(+), so it seemed natural to continue with the Fairphone 4.


At Fairphone, we strive to make the most of the materials used in our products. We’re moving towards a circular economy by using materials from more responsible sources, stimulating reuse and recycling, and designing phones that last as long as possible. Refurbishing used phones is another way of encouraging circularity. The modular design of Fairphones makes refurbishing easier: it is easier to repair these devices, reuse or repurpose modules and give them a second life.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


Why are you selling refurbished Fairphones?

We want to help solve the issues facing the smartphone industry by encouraging longevity. The longer a phone is kept in use, the lower its environmental footprint. Keeping a phone in use for longer by refurbishing means that less virgin materials are needed. You also lower your CO2 emissions, since 75% of emissions occur in production, less phones are produced when refurbished phones are used.


How much does a refurbished Fairphone 4 cost?

The phone comes at a reduced price of:

  • 469 euros for Fairphone 4 (6GB, 128 GB)
  • 529 euros for Fairphone 4 (8GB, 256GB).


What is the difference between a used phone (2nd hand) and a refurbished device? How long is the warranty? What about software updates?

The Fairphone 4 New Life Edition devices are tested by technicians for full functionality and have been carefully repaired where needed, always with original spare parts. This means they are restored to their original condition and their lifespan is extended. Each of these phones are as good as new, and come with:

  • A well functioning battery (guaranteed with minimum 80% capacity).
  • Software updates (guaranteed until the end of August 2025, though we are aiming to extend that to the end of 2026).
  • A 5-year warranty on any Fairphone 4 (regular and refurbished) sold until 31 December 2023 and then 3 year warranty on anything sold from 1 January 2024.

A second hand phone (sometimes also called a used phone) isn't tested and often doesn't have any guarantee.


Why did you call it ‘New Life Edition’?

We called it ‘New Life Edition’ because by refurbishing the devices, we are giving them a new, second life, instead of throwing them away to become electronic waste.


How long will spare parts be available for?

We aim to be able to provide spare parts for 4 years after the last device was sold.


Will the phone come with a new battery? What does 80% capacity mean?

More than 80% of the full capacity (minimum of 3124 mAh of the original 3905 mAh) guaranteed doesn't sound bad, right? We're all about longevity, so we'll test all batteries and replace only those that are under 80%. Worry not, we'll also offer a free new replacement battery if you experience any battery issues during the warranty period.


What will the devices sold be like aesthetically? Will they have scratches? Will those be registered somewhere,so I am not blamed for wear and tear?

The refurbished phones will have at worst 1 or 2 slight scratches on the display, never located in the center of the display. This will not be noticeable in the daily usage of the device. There could also be minor scratches on the back cover and frame.

We have clearly defined aesthetics and visual requirements for the phones we allow to be sold as refurbished, therefore it is not necessary to “register” the visual state of the device. We are only selling refurbished devices of which quality we are absolutely certain about.


Where are the Fairphone 4 refurbished?

The Fairphone 4s are being refurbished at Cyfrowe Centrum Serwisowe SA (CCS) based in Poland.


Can I unlock the bootloader of my refurbished Fairphone 4?

Yes, you can unlock the bootloader for your refurbished Fairphone 4. Please see more details in here.


What if I sell my refurbished phone to someone else secondhand?

Then you make someone else happy to receive a nice phone. Same as with selling on any device, make sure to also forward the proof of purchase to the one who bought the phone. This way, the buyer can benefit from the remaining warranty.


If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.