Shipping & Costs

We deliver to a number of countries across the whole of the European continent. We also offer after-sales services to all countries we ship to. You can find the list of our shipping countries below.

For all of our deliveries, we offer UPS Standard delivery with carbon-neutral shipping. We offset the carbon emissions associated with the transportation of your order so your Fairphone product is shipped sustainably.

For pre-order shipping information of the Fairphone 5, see our Delivery article.


Table of contents:


Shipping countries

This table includes all countries we ship to, along with the price for Standard (to address) and UPS Access Point™ (not available in all countries). The noted prices below do not include additional fees and do not reflect potential promotions.

Country Standard shipping
(to address)
UPS Access Point™
(pickup points)
Austria € 12.95 € 7.95
Belgium € 7.95 € 4.95
Bulgaria € 15.95 not available
Croatia € 15.95 not available
Czech Republic € 12.95 € 7.95
Denmark (excluding Greenland) € 12.95 € 6.95
Estonia € 15.95 not available
Finland € 12.95 € 8.95
France Métropolitaine (excluding overseas territories) € 10.95 € 6.95
Germany € 8.95 € 4.95
Greece € 15.95 not available
Hungary € 15.95 € 8.95
Ireland € 12.95 not available
Italy € 12.95 € 6.95
Latvia € 15.95 not available
Liechtenstein € 12.95 not available
Lithuania € 15.95 not available
Luxemburg € 8.95 € 5.95
Monaco € 12.95 not available
Netherlands (excluding Bonaire, St. Eustatius, Saba) € 7.95 € 3.95
Norway (excluding overseas territories) € 21.95 € 12.95
Poland € 12.95 € 7.95
Portugal (excluding Azores and Madeira) € 12.95 € 7.95
Romania € 15.95 not available
San Marino € 12.95 not available
Slovakia € 15.95 not available
Slovenia € 15.95 not available
Spain (excluding Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla) € 12.95 € 8.95
Sweden € 12.95 € 8.95
Switzerland € 18.95 € 9.95
UK (excluding Channel islands) € 11.95 € 6.95
If your country is not listed:
  • We do not ship to your country.
  • The country can not be used for the billing address (due to anti-money-laundering legislation).
  • Often, you can not use a credit card from a non-listed country (due to the same anti-money-laundering legislation).


Shipping to other countries

Our webshop

At the moment, we ship to the continental regions of most EU countries, the UK, Norway, and Switzerland, as listed above. 

Lithium-Ion batteries are bound to shipping restrictions as they are regarded as dangerous goods, so we are unable to transport them via air freight. This limits us from certain island destinations. We also avoid air freight entirely for our European deliveries to reduce our carbon impact.

As an Amsterdam-based organization, we launched the Fairphone products in Europe and plan to expand at a later point. We have already established some partnerships and we hope to expand even further. You can read more about this in the following section.


Stand-alone lithium-ion batteries can NOT be re-shipped by customers as strict regulations apply for air travel and postal services.


Authorized resellers

Some of our authorized resellers ship to more places: Vireo (worldwide), Murena (USA), and Palcom (Taiwan). Be aware that our warranties and sales conditions do NOT apply for these devices. The warranties and sales conditions of the sales partners apply. Read them carefully before you make a purchase.

If you purchase from them, or import a Fairphone yourself, consider:

  • If you want to claim warranty from us, you will still need an address that is located in one of the listed territories above. We will use that European address for after-sales returns such as repairs covered by warranty. Please note that any extra costs involved are your responsibility as they are not covered by the manufacturing (or extended commercial) warranty.
  • Since standalone lithium-ion batteries are dangerous goods and are subject to transport restrictions, your European address contact can not simply ship a battery to you, or bring it on an airplane. We can not provide the required certifications to persons as we currently do not have the resources for these logistic and legal investments.
  • Make sure to consult the terms and conditions of sale of any sales partner that you choose and contact them for your after-sales support needs.
  • Some countries have additional restrictions for the smartphones used on its territories. You can read more about using a Fairphone outside of Europe here
  • You can not register your Fairphone 4 for the commercial Extended Warranty, unless specifically stated otherwise.


Additional fees

Payment fees

Some payment platforms may require payment fees when used. For example, PayPal requires an additional fee.


Norway, United Kingdom, and Switzerland

Items for Norway, the UK, and Switzerland have different pricing. The European Union VAT is not applicable and thus not included in the price. However, the local VAT and customs tax are now charged at payment (Delivered Duty Paid). This means that the prices of the items and shipping costs for these countries include:

  • Administrative and handling costs by the shipping carriers
  • Import/customs taxes.

You can find more information about international shipping rules and regulations on this UPS page.


UPS Access Point™

A UPS Access Point™ location is a local business that partnered with UPS. This way, it can accept packages on your behalf.

  • You can select the 'Pickup' option as your shipping method at Checkout.
  • You can pick your order up at your own convenience.
  • You have 10 calendar days after delivery to the UPS Access Point™.
  • At pick-up, you have to show a valid ID. It is not possible to change the UPS Access Point™ shipping address after you have placed your order.
  • UPS Access Points™ shipping rates differ from the Standard UPS. See the table above.
  • UPS Access Points™ are not available in all of our shipping countries. See the table above.
  • In case your parcel is damaged, notify the UPS Access point™ right away.
  • It is not possible to choose a UPS Access Point when your billing address is in another country than your shipping address.


Change your shipping and/or billing address

To change your shipping and/or billing address for future orders, there are two options:

  • Change/add the address(es) via My Account.
  • Change/add the address(es) during checkout.


Change/add shipping address via My Account

  1. Log in to the webshop.
  2. Go to My AccountAddress Book.
    There, you'll see your Billing Address and Shipping Address(es).
    Address book.png
  3. To change your Billing Address or Shipping Address, click on the edit icon at the top right corner of the address card you wish to change. Make the desired changes and Confirm.
  4. To add a new address, click on Add an address. Filling out the new address and Confirm.
    New address.png


Change/add address during checkout

  1. In our webshop add the items you want in the cart and go to Checkout.
  2. Review your order and click on Process Checkout.
  3. You'll see the Address page, where you can edit or change your shipping and billing address and select if you want to use a UPS Access Point™.
    Checkout address change.png
  4. Once you confirm the address(es), you can continue your order with the changed/new address(es).


Changing the address for an existing order

For existing orders, it is NOT possible to change anything by yourself once the order status is Processing.

The exceptions where our Customer Support can help you out:

  • An existing order awaits a bank transfer payment and has the order status Awaiting payment.
  • A pre-order (we often offer pre-orders at product launches, when stock still has to arrive).
  • Due to tax and customs regulations, you can not change the country of the shipping address for an existing order. For France, you can not change the "département".

To find out the possibilities in your situation, contact our Customer Support. If possible, we cancel and refund your order, so you can place a new order with the correct shipping country. Otherwise, we start a cool-off procedure.


If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.