How to change the language (Video Tutorial)

Which language for my phone?

  1. Go to your Home panel using the Home button (house shape)
  2. Press Settings button (two rounded rectangles)
  3. Choose System Settings
  4. Scroll to Personal where you will find Language & Input.
  5. Press Language and choose your language from the list.



Which languages are supported for text messaging (by SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, etc)?

Fairphone’s (Android-based) OS is compatible with many different screen keyboards. For example, SwiftKey supports a variety of different languages and keyboard configurations, but also the basic android keyboard has a long list of languanges.
  1. Go to System Settings Language & Input
  2. Scroll down to “Android Keyboard (AOSP)"
  3. Click on Settings  Input languages
  4. Unclick “Use System Language”.
Now you can choose all the languages you normally use for writing to your friends and family.