Fairphone OS downloads for Fairphone 1


We provide manual installation procedures for both Fairphone 1 and Fairphone 2.

The recommended way to update your Fairphone 1 to the latest software is through the (Fairphone) Updater app.

Please note: we differentiate the two batches of Fairphone 1’s. The first batch shipped in late 2013/early 2014 is referred to as FP1 and the second batch shipped from mid 2014 is referred to as FP1U. By removing the back cover and the battery, you will see either Fairphone Model FP1, or Fairphone Model FP1U.

Because the FP1 originally had a different storage layout than the FP1U, we provide different releases depending on whether your Fairphone has an upgrade storage layout or not. A FP1 with an upgraded storage layout uses the same software release as a FP1U.

Update files

The update files are distributed in a ZIP archive file that should not be extracted beforehand, i.e. the file must be used as-is in the Recovery Mode.

On your Fairphone, you can also open an update file directly with the Fairphone Updater app.


Special update file for the FP1 to upgrade the original storage layout — note that all your data will be erased:



Flashable images (advanced users only)
The flashable images are partition images meant for advanced users (developers).

These images are distributed through a ZIP archive containing the different partition images (boot, recovery, cache, system, userdata) that is meant to be used with a dedicated flashing tool (not offered here).


In some cases it's possible you get a message saying "keyboard not responding" or "AOSP has stopped" after installing the software update. To fix this, you have to reinstall the app store in your Fairphone 1.