How to backup and restore your Fairphone 1


It is easy to back up your data (files, pictures, videos, and so on) stored in your Fairphone 1. There are several methods you can choose.

NOTE: your data is your responsibility. Fairphone is not liable for any data loss while backing up or restoring.

1. Manual backup

Pictures and files

You will need a USB Data cable to connect your Fairphone 1 to a computer

  1. Once connected, your Fairphone 1 will appear as a connected device on your computer
  2. In your computer, open a file manager such as Explorer or Finder navigate to the DCIM folder of your phone. This folder has all the pictures taken with the default camera of the Fairphone 1
  3. Copy/paste all the pictures to a folder on your computer and you’re done
  4. There might be other pictures on your phone. Make sure you check other folders as well. The Download folder and the WhatsApp folder for example. These contain files and pictures you have downloaded with certain apps.


Contacts and Calendar

With the use of your Google account, this is an easy and fast way back up your contact data. This way your contacts are always within reach on any Android device.

You will need:

  • A connection to a Wi-Fi network, or use a mobile data connection on your Fairphone 1
  • A Google account.
  1. Open the People app on your Fairphone 1
  2. Press the Settings button
  3. Select Import/Export
  4. Select the contacts based on the location they are stored now (e.g. your SIM, Phone or Internal Storage)
  5. Press Next
  6. Select your Google Account
  7. Press Next again and select the contacts you want to copy to your Google Account. If you want to copy them all, choose Select All at the top of your screen and then OK.

When this is done, double check if you are syncing your Google Account on the Fairphone 1. Go to System settingsAccounts → Select your Google Account and make sure to check the Contacts box is checked.
To backup your Calendar, also check Calendar there.



Google keeps track of all the apps you downloaded in the past. When the app is gone, you can download them again:

  1. Go to the Google App Store
  2. Select My Apps on the top left corner to show a complete overview of all the apps you have downloaded with your Google Account
  3. Select Install behind the app you want to have back on your phone to start the download.

2. SD card

An easy way to backup your Fairphone is by using the built-in backup app called Backup and Restore. It will make a backup of your personal data, but it will not include system and app settings. After restoring your data you will still have to manually set system and apps settings.

You will need a MicroSD card with a maximum of 64GB of memory

Backing up

  1. Install the SD card in your Fairphone if that hasn’t happened yet. You can find the MicroSD card slot next to the dual sim slots
  2. When the SD card is inserted, go to All Apps
  3. Select the Backup and Restore app
  4. Now you can select to backup your Personal Data and/or Applications. Personal Data includes contacts, pictures, messages and music, etc. Basically everything on your Fairphone except for installed apps.
  5. Apps can be backed up as well, but if you don’t have a lot of memory left on your MicroSD card it’s also a option to re-download them through the App store when needed. See the steps mentioned under Apps in the Manual Backup section.

Great job, you have created a backup on your MicroSD card. What now? Keep the SD card with all your precious data in a safe place.
To be completely sure your recently-created backup file is safe, we recommend to copy the backup file to your computer.

  1. Connect the Fairphone with the USB data cable to a computer
  2. Navigate via the computer to the phone’s storage 
  3. Double click the folder Backup and then Data
  4. Here you will find your precious backup file. Copy/paste it to any folder on your computer and you’re done!


To restore a backup to your phone,

  1. Launch the Backup and Restore app
  2. Select Restore
  3. Select the backup version file that you want to transfer it from your MicroSD card to your phone.

3. Third party apps

If you are not satisfied with the provided backup options, there are several free and paid apps you can use for making a backup.

The use of a third party app is at your own risk!

Helium Premium

Works for both root and non-root users. It lets you schedule backups to go to a cloud syncing and storage service, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. There is a free version of Helium available, but it doesn't let you back up to a cloud service. The use of a cloud service is however the service you want. Especially when you are already making a copy of your SD card manually every now and again.

Google Cloud Backup

Is free to download and includes 1GB cloud storage space. It helps you back up more than one device to a single account. If you need more space, you can earn it through referrals and other activity, such as tweeting about the service (up to 8GB), or just pay for more.