How to import contacts?

There are several ways to transfer the contacts from your previous device or SIM card to your Android device. We explain two options for the Fairphone 1.

Use the People app

  1. On your old device, save your contacts to your SIM card. Not in the phone storage: you cannot transfer them. Consult the manual of your old device for this. 
  2. Transfer your contacts and details on your SIM card in the old phone.
  3. Insert this SIM card into the Fairphone 1.
  4. Use the Quick Access side menu (use Edge swipe) to go to All Apps.  
  5. Open the People app. You can recognize it by the icon with a human silhouette
  6. Press the Settings button
  7. Press Import/export
  8. Choose one of the different options to transfer ‘from’ and ‘to’ different devices, i.e. SIM cards, (cloud) storage, etc.

Use cloud-based services

You can use cloud-based services to sync your data. This way you can have all your contacts in an Outlook account or Google account, etc. Syncing happens automatically between your Fairphone 1 and the selected cloud service.

  1. Start from the Home panel
  2. In System settings, select Account and Add account
  3. Add a Google or corporate account (i.e. Microsoft Exchange, etc). If you are a Microsoft Outlook (Office 365) user then you can just download the Microsoft app from the app store.

Due to limited resources, we do not provide recommendations on third party products. The specifications can give you a preliminary insight on compatibility. If you need recommendations on downloadable software or compatible hardware, you can consult and participate in the FP community via the forum!