How to import contacts?

You can find several ways to transfer the contacts from your previous device or SIM card to your Fairphone 1. Two of these are explained in this article.

Using the ‘People app’’ on the Fairphone 1:

  1. On your previous device, make sure your contacts are saved to your SIM card (not just on the phone storage or else you can't transfer them). This method you have to check with that particular device
  2. Now that your contacts and details are on your SIM card, insert your SIM card into the Fairphone 1.
  3. Go to ‘All Apps’ from the Quick Access (Edge Swipe) side menu, open the ‘People app’. Press the ‘Settings’ button, then ‘Import/export’.
  4. Here you should have many options to transfer ‘from’ and ‘to’ different devices, i.e. SIM cards, (cloud) storage, etc.


Using cloud-based services:

Start syncing and using cloud-based services. This way you can have all your contacts in a Outlook account, Google account, etc. Syncing will be done automatically between your Fairphone 1 and the selected cloud service.

Starting from the Home panel, find this option under ‘System settings’. Then select ‘Account’ and ‘Add account’. Add a Google or corporate account (i.e. Microsoft Exchange, etc). If you are a Microsoft Outlook (Office 365) user then you can just download the Microsoft app from the app store.