Are Fairphone products compatible with Apple products?


There are two ways to transfer your data from an Apple device to a FP1 and vice versa.


Document apps

You can use a document app like Google Drive, which is available to you when you add a Google account on your FP1.

  1. Open Google drive on your Apple device via your Google account
  2. Add all your data and documents to Google drive
  3. Access the drive from your Fairphone to reach your data and documents

You can also use a non-cloud app to migrate data and documents to the location of your choice.


Transfer apps

It is also possible to download apps to transfer some of your data  from your iPhone to an Android phone. You can download them via the Google Play store, F-Droid store or SlideME store. A quick search for iPhone to Android apps will return plenty of results.  

For further instructions, have a look at this practical step-by-step post to switch from iPhone to Android.



Apps built specifically for iOS cannot be automatically transferred over to an Android phone. You will need to download your favourite apps direct from Google Play, SlideME or a similar app store. For paid apps, that means that you will need to buy them again. This is because Apple software only syncs with other Apple products.  

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