How to get Stock Android on Fairphone 1

When you do not want to use the Fairphone OS layer and prefer to use the ‘bare’ Android Stock OS, read on. When you want to use this, you will need the recovery file for loading stock Android 4.2.2 ("AOSP") which we provide below.

We recommend to backup your data first before continuing.


1. Click the Recovery link below and download the zip file.

2. Copy this downloaded zip file onto the phone storage or (optional) SD card memory storage. 

3. Restart the phone in recovery mode

4. Apply the update from where you saved the file - either SD card or internal memory. Do this by choosing "apply update from sdcard." Tip: Use the file that begins with words, not punctuation. For example, "Fairphone_FP1" not ".Fairphone_FP1".

5. The installation will continue on its own. You will see notifications such as: "Install /sdcard ..." and "Installing update...". Once this is complete, you will see the message "Install from sdcard complete."

6. After you applied the update, perform a factory reset by choosing "wipe data/factory reset." You must choose "Yes" to perform the reset (please make sure you've already backed up your data). Finally, you will see "Data wipe complete."

7. Reboot: you should see the selection "reboot system now" highlighted on the menu. Press the Volume Up button to select this item.

8. Now, you should have the Fairphone loading screen, followed by your Android 4.2.2 stock version OS.


FP1: (~200 MB)
md5sum: ff7a312ae9fbc52d591fcd4b213b9321

FP1U: (~200 MB)
md5sum: 62b2d6521210b9c9e58cd954b469dcb8