‘Resting’ Android robot (No Command) on boot up

This article explains how to deal with a ‘resting’ green Android robot on your Fairphone 1 or Fairphone 1U. These instructions and information are for this model only.

The ‘resting’ Android robot shows when Superuser access was canceled or denied during the installation process of:

  • the app store (Google Apps Installer widget)
  • a Fairphone OS software update

In both cases, enter the Android Recovery Mode of the Fairphone 1 and manually finish the installation. In case you want to download the file on your computer, consult the Manual update article.


Before you start:

  • Disconnect all cables you may have connected to your Fairphone
  • Make sure your Fairphone is charged to at least 80%.

Android Recovery Mode 

To enter the Android Recovery Mode:

  1. Press the Power button once. A menu will appear
  2. Press and use the Volume-down button to navigate down to Apply update from SD Card
  3. Once this option is highlighted in blue, select this option: press the Volume-up button

  4. Use the Volume-down button to navigate down to updater. Select with the Volume-up button

  5. Use the Volume-down button to highlight fp_update_OTA[version number].zip and select with Volume-up button

  6. The installation starts
  7. Once the installation is complete you will see the message Install from sd-card complete
  8. Now you can reboot your phone. Reboot system now should be highlighted in blue. Press the Volume-up button to select it.

Your Fairphone 1 should start normally. After the update is finished, remember to download and reinstall the app store.