Cannot get the latest software update, what's wrong?

If you have issues getting the latest software on your Fairphone 1, below are some general tips.

  1. Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network;
  2. Confirm that you need an update by checking which version of Fairphone OS you have installed. The latest version on the Fairphone 1 is Kola Nut 1.8.7 (released August 2015);
  3. The Fairphone Updater app checks automatically for updates. If you want to ‘force’ the update, you can go to:
    Settings → Apps → Fairphone Updater → Clear data (see the image below);
  4. Then close the running Fairphone Updater app in the background and re-launch the Fairphone Updater app;
  5. Reinstall the app store after the software update has been installed.