Fairphone 1 repair price list and FAQ

Prices for repairs not covered by our warranty and performed by our Service Center

Before you start the repair procedure, we want to make sure that you are aware of the costs involved. Including both material costs and handling costs. If our technicians decide that your service request is not covered by the warranty in full, we use the price list below to provide you with a quote.

Please note

When the repair is fully out of warranty, momentarily we can not provide repairs due to a shortage of spare parts.

  • The exact price of your repair depends on the technical diagnosis performed by our Service Center
  • We realize it’s counter-intuitive that the handling costs often exceed the price of the replacement parts. No matter how tiny and affordable the parts, the repairs themselves are time-consuming
  • Do not send your phone unsolicited to our offices. When you have started the repair procedure and have an Return Merchandise Approval number (RMA) assigned, you will receive instructions and labels to send your Fairphone 1 for repair to our repair centre (which is not located at our offices).

If you have further questions, please read the FAQ at the bottom of the page.


Key components


Handling and shipping costs

Box, repaired Fairphone  39,65

Assessment, handling and shipping costs

(out of warranty and un-repaired)

Box, un-repaired Fairphone  59,00

Re-shipping costs

(if delivery is unsuccessful)

Box, repaired Fairphone  10,00



Key components

Material costs  *incl. VAT

Total* + handling and shipping

Display assembly replacement

Touch and LCD panel, glass & front screen - Out of Stock 71,50 132,93

Motherboard replacement

Main PCB - Out of Stock 118,65 172,93

Vibration mechanism replacement

Individual vibration motor 1,29 62,72

Midframe (rear housing)

Plastic housing, antenna, many tiny parts 14,52 66,02



Individual LED flash





PCBA, speaker tape 5,00 57,19

Rear camera (main) replacement

Optical camera module 28,10 82,27

Speaker replacement

Speaker 1,29 55,46

Earpiece speaker replacement

Speaker 1,20 55,37
Volume/power button replacement  Button 2,30 56,47
Cleaning costs water/dust/dirt damage   16,82 56,47


*All prices are in euros. This price list is not legally binding and is subject to change at any time.


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Will my phone repair be in or out of warranty?
    You can get a general idea of whether your repair is in- or out-of-warranty by reading the Fairphone warranty. However, the final decision will be made only after your Fairphone has arrived at our Service Center and been diagnosed by one of our technicians.

  • So isn’t it cheaper if I just order the spare parts and repair the phone myself?
    Well, you’ll certainly save money, but there are many important aspects to be aware of.
    For example, any repairs made by our Service Center guarantee that your warranty remains valid. Repairs performed by yourself may void the warranty if something goes wrong while  self repairing your Fairphone - you can read the details here. And of course, if you don’t have the technical skills to make the repairs, you may find yourself with a useless phone.

  • Only a small part was damaged, so why is my repair so expensive?
    In general, no matter how small or affordable the part, the total service costs are primarily related to the labour required to successfully complete the repair. We aim to keep repairs as simple as possible, but it is sometimes more time-consuming than you might assume.

  • Only my glass is cracked, why do I need to replace the entire screen?
    The touchscreen and glass are separate elements, yet permanently joined. This allows your touchpanel to still work even if your glass cracks, letting you use your phone. The downside is that we need to remove the whole front assembly to make a glass repair.

  • How do I send in my phone for repairs?
    To initiate a service request, please contact our customer support team through the Ask Support page - please choose the "I experience a problem / My product is broken" category.

  • Why are your handling costs as much as they are?
    Our service costs take the full scope of service into account, including everything from the customer support agents to the technicians that diagnose and repair your phone.

  • Where do I find your repair guides?
    You can find our repair guides on iFixit, but please make sure to read our instructions on repairing your Fairphone by yourself before you start:
    You should repair your Fairphone by yourself only when you know for sure the damage is not due to a manufacturing defect, in other words, only when you know that your Fairphone is out of warranty. If you have doubts about this please contact us before you purchase the component, so we can help and guide you.
    Also, please note that they are sensitive products that should be treated with care as they can break easily. Please read our warranties, which also cover replacement parts before ordering and/or opening the package.

  • Can you give me an overview of the service process from start to finish?

    If you need a repair, here’s how it works:

    1. Contact us to request a repair through the Ask Support page - please choose the "I experience a problem / My product is broken" category.

    2. You send your Fairphone to the Service Center in the Netherlands.

    3. At our Service Center, they will diagnose your Fairphone to see what’s wrong and if it can be repaired in- or out-of-warranty. The problem(s) with your Fairphone are analysed based on the information provided on the repair form, the status of the Fairphone itself and combined with the knowledge of our technicians.

    4. In case of service covered under warranty, your Fairphone will be repaired and a software update will be performed. This will delete any data stored on your device.

    5. In case of out-of-warranty service, we will contact you with an invoice and description of the work required to repair your phone. As soon as we receive your payment, the actual repairs will begin.

    6. Final testing is performed on your repaired device.

    7. The Fairphone is sent back to you!

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