How can I change my shipping and/or billing address?

Can I change my delivery address after I have paid for my order?

Yes, but you must change the address before your order has been shipped. If the order status is "Pending, awaiting payment or Pre-ordered" you can still change your address. Once we have processed your order the change address function will be unavailable, because your order has been prepared for shipment. Due to tax and customs considerations, the new address must be in the same country (for France: the same département) as the initial shipping address you entered at the time of payment.

Scroll down for instructions.

If you want to change the shipping address in the system, you will have to go to My account -> Address Book 

Click on Change shipping address

Change the current address to your new address and when done select the order(s) you want to change the shipping address by ticking the box next to it before you click on save address.

(please be aware that you cannot change the shipping address to a different country)

You can now click on the button save address. 

When you have saved the address please double check in your order if it was changed. 


If you want to have separate billing and shipping addresses in the system, you will have to go to My account -> Address Book -> Add New Address.

After filling in the information, please tick the correct box. If you already have the billing address in the system please select “Use as my default shipping address”. This will be put in automatically for all the orders you place after making this adjustment.

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