Order status


You can view the status of your order via your account in our webshop.


  • This not possible if you placed your order via a Guest account.
  • Previous Guest account orders also can not be added to your current account. 

To view the status of your order:

  1. Log in 
to the Fairphone webshop
  2. In your account, click My Orders to see the status of your order



If you change your address in My Account, the change does not apply to existing orders. To change addresses for existing orders, contact Customer Support.



If your order has the status Pending, your payment is not yet complete and your order is not in the shipping process.

  • You can still change the delivery address (within the same country)
  • You can cancel your order yourself if payment is not on its way
  • If you have paid, contact Customer Support. Remember: bank transfers may take up to five working days to arrive on our side
  • If the VAT charge is not correct, DO NOT pay: contact Customer support before you confirm the order by payment.



If your order has the status 
Processing, your payment was successfully received. Your order is being processed at the distribution center. Find the invoice in the payment confirmation mail.

  • You can NOT cancel or change your order yourself anymore: please contact us to find out the possibilities
  • We can NOT stop the shipping or change the shipping address automatically. Please contact Customer support to find out the possibilities. 


Prepare shipment

The moment your order has the status Prepare shipment, your order is made ready for the pickup. It is boxed, labeled and packed to await the delivery driver. At certain times, this could be well in advance of the actual transport, so it is unfortunately not an indicator of prompt shipment.



If your order has the status Complete, your order has left the distribution center. Nothing can be changed. You can find the track & trace code and -link (if applicable) in the shipping confirmation mail.



If your order has the status Cancelled, your order was cancelled and this can not be undone. This cancellation can have several reasons, most often due to payment problems.

If you cancelled yourself but already paid for the order, contact Customer Support. We then need to refund your payment as a separate process.


- Guest accounts -

If you've chosen to create a Guest account for your purchase, to check your order status you will have to contact our Customer Support.

Just follow the next link and remember to provide them your order number.



If you can not see your orders or have other inquiries, make screenshots and please contact Customer Support.