Order status says Cancelled, but I didn’t cancel?

The reason your order didn't succeed can have several causes. Most often this is because your payment was not successfully processed.

  • If we haven't received your payment within two weeks from the date you placed your order, we will automatically cancel your order. Take in account that bank transfers can take up to five (5) working days to show up in our account
  • When you use a PayPal guest account, you might have exceeded the seven allowed payments. There can also be other limitations that restrict your use of this method (most often, the maximum amount of use is reached). In these cases, contact PayPal
  • It might be that the house number is missing in your address. Because of this a transaction is not possible: the order is not accepted and gets canceled. Add a house number to the address in your shop account to solve this issue. Even if your address usually doesn't have a house number, you need to add one now. See if your neighbours have a number and count from there on or add a "1" as house number
  • Another cause can be that you installed a pop-up blocker in your browser. Disable the pop-up blocker and place the order again
  • It can be that you clicked away the pop-up with payment information. Try again and make sure not to click the pop-up away
  • Due to fraud prevention restrictions required by the credit card company, orders can be cancelled based on the IP address you use. Use a different payment method (PayPal, bank transfer) in this case. Or find another computer or location to perform the payment
  • Make sure there is no failure occurring with your bank system or the payment method of your choice. Check with your bank or payment agent to make sure
  • If all this is not the case, make sure there is no failure occurring with your bank account. See if you have enough funds available on your account and ask your bank if there can be any payment limitations that impede the payment.


When all this is not the issue, please let us know.

That your order is cancelled means you will have to place a new order. Once we receive the payment, we send you a payment confirmation with the invoice. You can also verify the success of the payment in your personal bank or credit card account.

Need more help? Contact our support team!