Swelling lithium-ion battery

Every lithium-ion battery has a limited life. Your battery has reached the end of its life if:

  • is not charging well
  • has a poor battery life but you have tried everything
  • has expanded in size. By feel, look, or when it causes the back cover to pop off or bulge.

If you suspect your battery is swelling, do the battery spin test. When your battery spins more than two rounds, it is swelling

When your battery is swelling:

  1. Immediately turn off your device and remove the battery from your Fairphone
  2. Discard the swelling battery as soon as possible in a local batteries recycling point (swelling batteries should not be shipped).
    Unused/spent batteries can often be recycled at supermarkets and shops that sell appliances. You can consult the web pages of your municipality for the possibilities.


  • There is an inbuilt mechanism to prevent pressure from building up inside as much as possible. Once the swelling process has started, it can not stop. The pressurized gases can be dangerous and we recommend you proceed with caution.
  • Do not ship your swelling battery as it is considered a dangerous good by the shipping agencies. 
  • This issue is not specific to Fairphone. Unfortunately, swollen batteries can occur with any lithium battery. 
  • Humid environments or frequent dropping can also cause swollen batteries.


On the 11th of July 2017, we officially announced the end of Fairphone 1's maintenance as well as the availability of its spare parts, including the battery.

If you want to replace your battery, you can try our community marketplace.