How is the Fairphone 2 'fairer' than the Fairphone 1?


Between 2013 and 2015, sixty-thousand people bought a Fairphone 1. Thanks to all them, we began making an impact on the electronics value chain: mining, manufacturing, design and end-of-life.

In 2014, we invested in a completely original design for our new phone. This time we focused on increasing product longevity and supply chain transparency.

  • The unique modular architecture of Fairphone 2 gives users more control over their phone.
    The device is easy to open and modules are trivial to replace.
  • The phone also features innovations like a back cover with integrated protection. This way users don’t need an extra case, which will help the phone last longer and prevent e-waste.
  • This design approach also gives us the ability to increase our influence on our own supply chain:
    • Better oversight of production processes.
    • More control over the materials used.
    • Stronger relationships with (sub)suppliers, which helps us to install social programs and improve working conditions.
  • Learning from our experiences in developing and shipping the Fairphone 1, we improved logistics for Fairphone 2.
    • We reduced the volume of shipments from Asia to Europe by 49%. Our innovative packaging approach has been key to this improvement. We ship phones in bulk from the factory to our logistics center in the Netherlands.

    • The compact design of the packaging unifies product box and shipping box. We use the innovative, eco-friendly material Paperfoam, whose manufacturing process is less energy-intensive than standard cardboard. And it is compostable!
  • Finally, production of the Fairphone 2 allows us to further develop the projects we started with the first phone.
    • We incorporated conflict-free minerals (gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin)
    • We are financing a worker-controlled welfare fund at our manufacturer
    • We are also contributing to a variety of new projects throughout the value chain.

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