What is the plan for software updates on the Fairphone 2?


Ideally, we want owners to keep their phones for as long as possible. When we designed the Fairphone 2, one of our aims was to make a longer-lasting device.
Software updates are essential in keeping the phone functional and offer a good user experience. That is why we selected the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 platform for our latest phone.

A wide variety of smartphones use this platform and the platform will be supported for some time. The Fairphone 2 comes pre-installed with Android™ 7.1 (Nougat).

We provide a two-year warranty period for software maintenance and we plan to offer regular software updates. We will keep maintaining the software of the Fairphone 2 for as long as possible and are assessing the possibility of a future upgrade to Android 9. 

Different developers, partners, and communities are making other operating systems that you can install on the Fairphone 2. As an example, you can check out LineageOS Wiki for FP2.

For more information about Fairphone’s open source project, visit code.fairphone.com.

To update to the latest software version, find the instructions here.

To consult which other updates are available, please check the Fairphone 2 release notes.