Fairphone 2 known and solved software issues/bugs

The purpose of this article is to provide you with all the information we have about software bugs, may they be already fixed or yet to be resolved.

The first thing you should do is making sure your phone is up to date: we release monthly software updates which include security patches and bug fixes.

If your phone is up to date and the issue is still bugging you, keep reading!


Known software issues/bugs

A quick introduction

We consider a software issue to be "known" if we have acknoledged it but haven't fixed it yet. Here is how we usually handle one:

  1. We acknowledge the reported issue by making sure we can reproduce it
  2. We try to identify its root causes
  3. We develop a fix
  4. We test the fix
  5. We push the fix to customers using a software update.

Each and every known issue is currently somewhere along this journey and its status is tracked in the public bug tracker. Want to know more about contributions? Read this!

What you should do now

Check the list of known issues below and see if you can find yours.

  • Found it? Great!
    Each known issue offers you a link to the the bug tracker, where you can monitor the issue's status. It's that easy :)

  • Not on the list? Then follow these steps:
    1. Check our public bug tracker and see if you can find the issue there.
      If so, subcribe to the issue to monitor its progress.
    2. Send us a support request to let us know whether you found the bug in the bug tracker or not. This will allow us to update both the bug tracker and this article, if needed. Team work!

The list of 🐛

🐛 Contacts missing when updating from Android 5 to Android 6

Logged in our public bug tracker as issue #118


  • Contacts stored on the phone memory and not synched with an account can disappear after the migration from Android 5 to Android 6


There is no real workaround if the contacts are gone, but you can follow these steps to make sure they are not simply hidden.

  1. Open the Contacts app

  2. Open the menu by touching the three dots on the top right corner and select Contacts to display.
    Here you will see a list of accounts: you can decide to display either
    • all contacts
    • contacts from only one account
    • a custom view with more than one account
  3. Make sure all your contacts are visible and double check if any are still missing.
    If you still can not find some of them, then they were likely saved in the internal memory and are not retrievable anymore.

🐛 Third party app location issues

Logged in our public bug tracker as issue #119


  • Some third party apps cannot identify the position of the phone when the GPS signal is absent (e.g. due to poor weather conditions; heavily shielded building; battery saving mode active).
    This issue was validated with the app OsmAnd; and it does not appear when using Google Maps, or when using Android 5.


  • Use Google Maps. If you want to use a third party app, make sure the Location mode is set to High accuracy. To do so, go to Settings > Location > Mode

🐛 FM Radio: recording does not work

Logged in our public bug tracker as issue #42


  • When trying to record FM radio the app only creates a .3gpp file with size 0 bytes


  • None

🐛 FM radio loudspeaker volume is low

Logged in our public bug tracker as issue #120


  • While using the FM Radio app, the maximum volume output of the loudspeaker is way lower than when using other media sources


  • None

🐛 Loudspeaker volume during calls is inconsistent

Logged in our public bug tracker as issue #80


  • When calling certain numbers the output volume of the loudspeaker is too low.


  • None

Extra info needed:

Due to the inconsistent nature of this issue, it is more difficult for us to replicate it. Therefore, if you wish to help, please provide us some details about your experience by leaving a comment in the bug tracker, including the following information:

  • Is the volume low only when calling mobile phones or landlines?
  • Is the volume low only when calling specific numbers?
  • Did you notice any other pattern? Please try to be as descriptive as you can be
  • Send us a screenshot of the following menu: Settings > Maintenace > Checkup > Mobile connectivity
    If you are using two SIM cards, send us the info regarding the SIM you are using when the issue manifests itself.

🐛 Display enters sleep mode after 30s regardless of chosen setting

Logged in our public bug tracker as issue #122


  • If one sets the display sleep mode to a value grater than 30 seconds, the setting does not work as intended; sleep mode kicks in after 30 seconds instead.


There are two things you can try to work around this problem:

  • Enable "Developer options" > Enable "Stay awake".
    This will allow you to keep the display lit as long as the phone is being charged

  • Perform a factory reset: this is a drastic measure but it should solve the problem

🐛 Front-facing camera v2 (5MP) takes dark pictures with stock Fairphone Open camera app

Logged in our public bug tracker as issue #87


  • The stock camera app shipped with Fairphone Open seems to misbehave when a top module with the camera v2 is installed. The captured pictures are very dark and possibly out of focus.


🐛 Main camera 12MP - OmniVision OV12870 prevents phone from encrypting

Logged in our public bug tracker as issue #84


  • Phones equipped with the second version of the camera module cannot be encrypted.


  1. Make sure your Fairphone 2 is sporting the second version (12MP - OmniVision OV12870) of the camera module
  2. Remove the camera module
  3. Encrypt the phone. If the encryption is still failing, perform a factory reset and try again
  4. Install your camera module back into the phone.

Fixed issues

Common issues fixed with previous Fairphone 2 OS updates (complete release notes).

  • Cannot place a call with two SIM cards when there is no preferred SIM for calls ("Call not sent" error). Solution: Perform the update to our latest OS version

  • The location icon (GPS) stays active in the status bar when using the location feature on a High accuracy or Device only setting. Once the location feature is not used anymore, the icon should disappear but stays there instead. Solution: Perform the update to our latest OS version

  • Boot loop after updating the phone to Android 6. Solution: Manually perform the update to our latest OS version, by following the instructions written in paragraph 4 of our support article. Or return your phone to factory settings

  • Display stays black after a call. The proximity sensor does not process the distance data correctly. This usually leads to the screen not turning back on if the phone is taken away from the user’s ear. A calibration should solve the problem (Settings Maintenance Proximity sensor)

  • Density setting (DPI) was wrong and caused some buttons to be hidden behind the software buttons

  • Regression in Acces Point Names (APN) configuration

  • The font is too small in certain apps (Google Docs, Sheets etc.)

  • Density settings adjusted (compatible for use with VR cardbox now)

  • Only the red notification light (LED) is blinking

  • The charging status light (LED) is not lit

  • The Wi-Fi symbol 'jumps' off

  • The HSPA+ symbol is grey instead of white

  • The phone crashes when there is only a roaming SIM card in the second slot

  • Misbehaving apps (cannot send pictures with WhatsApp, cannot finish the SwitKey Keyboard installation)

  • The quick access to the Wi-Fi networks list is hidden behind the software buttons (◅ ○ □)

  • Custom wallpaper gets automatically darker

  • The USB On-The-Go (USB OTG) feature does not work

  • The SIM PIN code is asked every now and then

  • The display is over-sensitive
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