Fairphone 2 software issue report

In this article we want to inform you on what currently seem to be existing issues in the Fairphone 2 software. These issues are the ones that have not been fixed yet with the latest update. So if your issue is not in this list, make sure you have the latest Fairphone OS version running first.

We will make sure to update this article when a new issue is recognized or when we have a fix available. An important source of information in collecting these bugs is the list of known issues on our forum.

Now that more and more Fairphone 2’s are being used by the community, several issues are coming to light that need further investigation. Our software team is working hard to fix the reported issues in an upcoming software update.


Known issues

We are investigating these issues. Our process starts by reproducing the issues, identifying their root causes, fixing them, testing the fixes, and finally pushing the fixes in a software update.

The location icon (GPS) stays active

  • Symptoms: When using the location feature on a High accuracy or Device only setting, the location icon appears in the status bar. Once the location feature is not used anymore, the icon should disappear but stays there instead. Disabling location or changing the setting to Battery saving is not enough to get the icon to disappear once it is displayed.
  • Workaround: Reboot the device to reset the icon.
    You can also set the location mode to Battery saving to disable the GPS altogether (in Settings > Location > Mode > select Battery saving).
  • Details: Once the GPS chipset is used to retrieve the device location, the icon sticks in the status bar. Some background services uses the location feature but do not notify the device when they are done, hence the icon stays active.

Cannot place a call with two SIM cards when there is no preferred SIM for calls (“Call not sent” error)

  • Symptoms: A call can sometimes not be placed when there are two SIM cards and the calling preference is set to “Ask every time”.
  • Workaround: Wait five seconds before selecting the SIM card with which you want to call and then the call will be sent.
    Alternatively, set a preferred SIM call to call with in the phone Settings > SIM cards > Preferred SIM for Calls.

The ringtone volume is wrong with headphones plugged in

  • Symptoms: When headphones are plugged in, the ringtone volume in the loudspeaker and in the headphones is the same.
    When no music is playing, the ringtone volume is following the Ring volume for both the loudspeaker and the headphones.
    When music is playing, and then paused by the incoming call, the ringtone volume is following the Media volume for both the loudspeaker and the headphones.
  • Workaround: None.

The system language changes to the SIM language

  • Symptoms: On an encrypted phone with a security lock required to start (pattern, PIN, or password), the system changes its language to the one of the SIM card (SIM1 if any, SIM2 otherwise).
    It happens when the device asks for the security lock for more than 15 seconds.
  • Workaround: Reboot the device and unlock it within 15 seconds or change the system language.


Fixed issues

Common issues fixed with previous Fairphone 2 OS updates (complete release notes).

  • Boot loop after updating the phone to Android 6. Solution: Manually perform the update to our latest OS version, by following the instructions written in paragraph 4 of our support article. Or return your phone to factory settings.
  • Display stays black after a call. The proximity sensor does not process the distance data correctly. This usually leads to the screen not turning back on if the phone is taken away from the user’s ear. A calibration should solve the problem (Settings Maintenance Proximity sensor)
  • Density setting (DPI) was wrong and caused some buttons to be hidden behind the software buttons
  • Regression in Acces Point Names (APN) configuration
  • The font is too small in certain apps (Google Docs, Sheets etc.)
  • Density settings adjusted (compatible for use with VR cardbox now)
  • Only the red notification light (LED) is blinking
  • The charging status light (LED) is not lit
  • The Wi-Fi symbol 'jumps' off
  • The HSPA+ symbol is grey instead of white
  • The phone crashes when there is only a roaming SIM card in the second slot
  • Misbehaving apps (cannot send pictures with WhatsApp, cannot finish the SwitKey Keyboard installation)
  • The quick access to the Wi-Fi networks list is hidden behind the software buttons (◅ ○ □)
  • Custom wallpaper gets automatically darker
  • The USB On-The-Go (USB OTG) feature does not work
  • The SIM PIN code is asked every now and then
  • The display is over-sensitive
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