How can I charge my Fairphone 2?


When you buy a Fairphone 2, a charger is not included.

We decided upon this to prevent creating extra electronic waste. Most people already have the right charger at home. Our community compiled a neat list of compatible chargers for your convenience.

A charger for the Fairphone 2 needs to have the following specifications:

  • 5 volts (5V)
  • 1 ampere (1A, 1000mA) or more
  • micro USB Type B connector

The first time you charge your phone, please use a charger that delivers at least 1 ampere (1A, 1000mA).

When you experience problems with charging, please

  1. Try at least 3 different chargers and USB cables
  2. See if you have comparable issues on our forum.
  3. Contact us if these previous steps do not solve the issue


Here is an example of the right type of USB cable and charger:


Number 1 (see image) is a power plug with a USB connector without a cable attached.

  • For fastest charging the charger should deliver 5 volts (5V) and a minimum of 1 ampere (1A, 1000mA)
  • A charger that delivers more current (greater than 1 ampere) will not damage your Fairphone 2, but it won’t increase your charging speed. You can find these values (volts and amperes) on the charger itself under “output”
  • These chargers are available at most electronics stores.

Number 2 (see image) is a normal USB 2.0 cable with a USB Type A plug on one side and a USB Type Micro B connector on the other side.

  • To be certain that you’re using the right one, make sure you see the USB symbol on the cable
  • A cable that detaches from the power plug will allow you to charge your phone using your laptop or computer
  • When you have a data cable, you can even transfer data to and from your Fairphone.

Number 3 (see image) is a car power plug.

  • It is useful for charging your Fairphone 2 in a car
  • This is especially recommended when you are using your phone as a navigation system
  • We recommend the same specifications as for a wall charger: 5 volts (5V) and at least 1 ampere (1A, 1000mA)

Once again, we want to do our best to avoid excess waste. Before you buy anything, you may want to ask your family and friends if they already have a charger that they don’t need. The charger or cable can be a bit different from the images above. As long as they match the technical specifications they should be good to go!

Please note

It is possible to charge the Fairphone with only 0.5 ampere (0.5A, 500mA) - and 5 volts (5V). But 0.5 ampere (0.5A, 500mA) might be not strong enough when your battery is completely empty.

In case you have tried several different chargers and cables and still have issues charging, please feel free to contact our support team!