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When will my Fairphone 2 be delivered?

When you order a Fairphone 2 today, your phone will be delivered to you before the 31st of May 2017.


  • Once the stock has arrived in Europe, we will start sending out the orders
  • The moment your Fairphone leaves the distribution center, you will receive a track and trace code
    • This code will be active within 24 hours. This way you can follow the journey of your phone until it is safely in your hands
  • It might take longer than a couple of days before you receive your Fairphone 2. This depends on the payment and shipping method you choose and the place you live in Europe
    • For example, if you pay via bank transfer it usually takes up to five (5) working days before it shows up in our account
    • Also, if you live in a secluded place (these very well exist in Europe!) you can add a couple of days more

If you have any further questions or need more help, make sure to get in touch with our support team!


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