When will my Fairphone product arrive?


It depends on your order, your location and the shipment options when your order arrives at your shipping address. Apart from that, the order needs to be processed first before the delivery time starts. Orders placed during a pre-order period, follow other timelines and procedures.



It might take longer than a couple of days before you receive your product. This depends on the payment and shipping method you choose and the place you live in Europe. 

    • If you pay via bank transfer the payment usually takes up to five (5) working days to show up in our account. Only then your order is successful (status: Processing) and can be processed by the distribution center
    • Or, if you live in a secluded place, it might be more difficult to deliver your product and can take longer.



It takes up to 4 hours for your order to enter the distribution center systems after you placed your order successfully. An exception to this are orders placed during a pre-order period. If your order has arrived at our distribution center before 2 pm (UTC+1) your order will still be dispatched the same day. 

When the order has entered the distribution system, the order changes to the status Processing. You can check the status of your order via My Account when you log in to our website.



At the moment the status of your order changes into Complete, you receive a shipping confirmation mail with a track and trace code when your order leaves the distribution center, so you can follow your order. This code will be active within 24 hours. 



National or local strikes or a customs hold are a Force Majeure and can delay your delivery. When we can not circumvent it, we will inform you. 

If you have any further questions or need more help, contact our support team!