Do I have SIM card issues?

  • Your Fairphone doesn’t display contact details, only phone numbers?
  • Your calls are interrupted or not even received at all?
  • Text messages arrive days late?
  • The sound quality of phone calls is worsening?
  • Your battery is depleting quicker than usual or shows weird behaviour?
  • Phone numbers or text messages are sent at random?
  • Your Fairphone is requesting the pin code of your SIM card other than after intentionally rebooting the phone?
  • The phone temperature is getting unexpectedly hot when no applications seem in use?
  • After crashing or freezing, your Fairphone can only be rebooted by taking out the battery?

If you encounter any of the above issues, then you might have a SIM card that is not working properly anymore. SIM cards can collect scratches and corrosion on crucial places, causing your phone to disconnect from the network and even freeze or spontaneous reboot.

  1. To understand if the SIM card has issues, you can use the Mobile Connectivity function of the Checkup tool in Settings  Maintenance
  2. Or try using your phone in Safe mode, preferably without the SIM card inserted. When the issues do not occur, you can be sure the issues are caused by third party hardware or software, like downloaded apps or your SIM or SD-card
  3. A last resort is to take the SIM card out and put the phone back to Factory settings. This will delete some of your data, so please make a backup in advance. If the phone works fine before you place the SIM card back, but the issues show again after inserting the SIM card, you'll need to contact your provider!


Please note

  • When you have a SIM card older than a year and/or you experience one of these issues, we recommend obtaining a new SIM card with your network provider, this can be within your current contract and often for free.
  • If you encounter one of these issues and you use a SIM card adapter, please request a new SIM card with your provider of the proper size (FP1: Mini SIM card, FP2: Micro SIM card). Do not put an empty adapter back in the SIM port, because that can get stuck and is really hard to repair. Pins might break off and then you will need a new core module.


SIM contacts not showing


In the event of your SIM contacts not showing, try the troubleshoots below.

When your phone numbers are saved on your SIM card, the phone has to load them from the SIM card. There is a very, very small micro processor inside your SIM card that can sometimes get stuck while loading contacts. Usually the only way to get it to show your contacts again is to turn your SIM card off and on again or restart your phone. If this happens often, it can be a sign of a SIM card that is becoming corrupt.

System settings SIM management Turn off SIM card On again

Saving your contacts on your SIM card is not recommended: if the SIM card breaks you could lose all of your contacts so we recommend to either backup your contacts frequently, save them on the phone or use other services like Google To backup your contacts we recommend to use the Backup and Restore app.

To export your contacts somewhere else please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the People app
  2. Push the Settings button (left bottom button)
  3. Select Import/Export
  4. Select your SIM card
  5. Select your SD card/Internal storage, Phone or Google account
  6. Tick on 0 selected
  7. Select all
  8. Push OK