My Fairphone 2 is not working, what can I do?


Many issues can be solved by yourself.

So before you contact us, use the Troubleshooter. We made this tool to guide you in the first steps you can take to diagnose and maybe even solve an issue.

If you aren’t able to solve the problem on your own, the troubleshooting tool outcomes will then help us to help you quicker and better.

We have some extra tips for you in case you need to address an issue.



Some common tips to keep your phone running smooth:


You charge your phone with equipment that might be the cause of your issues. To rule this out:

  • Try out at least three different chargers and different cables. Some chargers do not deliver enough power to the device. We recommend using a standard micro USB Type B connector, delivering 5 volts (5V) over 1 ampere (1A, 1000mA) or more. You can also try to charge your phone with a computer.
  • Charge the phone without the protective back cover. This way the USB connector has a better fit to the micro-USB port. If this solves your issue we advise to buy a new cable.
  • Kickstart the battery:
    1. Take out the battery of the phone
    2. Wait for half an hour and put the battery back in the phone
    3. Connect the Fairphone to a charger. If the charging light is blinking, it means that the battery was totally empty. Then wait for some minutes until the red light becomes fixed. A loading battery icon should appear for a few seconds (a short press on the power button will display it). Please keep on charging for more than an hour because the battery was likely totally drained.
  • In general, have a look at this support article to learn How to make the most of your battery life.

SIM Card

An old or damaged SIM card can cause many issues. Scratches and corrosion on crucial places can cause your phone to disconnect from the network and even freeze or spontaneous reboot.

We recommend to get a new SIM card with your network provider*:

  • If you have a SIM card older than two years, or:
  • You experience issues like:
    • Calls are interrupted or you have difficulties to receive a call
    • The sound quality of the phone calls becomes worse over time
    • Your battery depletes quicker than usual
    • Your Fairphone is requesting the pin code of your SIM card randomly and not after you intentionally rebooted the phone
    • After a crash or freeze, you can only reboot your Fairphone by taking out the battery.

In case your SIM contacts do not show:

  • Turn your SIM card off and on again or restart your phone. Go to: System settings SIM management Turn SIM card "Off "On" again.

* A new SIM card can be issued within your current contract - so you keep your phone number - and often for free. Consult the contract you have with your provider for the possibilities.


Regarding the display, there are some things that are good to know:

  • See if you removed the plastic protection foil on the screen of your Fairphone 2. It is not for use of the phone, only to protect during transport. If you still have a white triangle in the upper left corner: use that to peel the foil off. This can solve touch issues.
  • To make sure the display connections make contact with the core module:
  • If it is difficult to remove the screen, try to "massage" it. Try to open and close it several times. After some successful tries, it will get easier to open.​
  • If your screen remains black and everything else doesn't work, return the phone to its factory settings.

Still need help?

You have tried everything and you are still dealing with an issue? Get in touch with customer support!