Troubleshooting issues with your credit card payment

We've just start accepting Visa / Master Card as a payment method, so we need to do some investigating on what is going wrong.

The reason your order didn't succeed could be caused by several reasons:

  • It might be that the house number is missing in your shipping address. Thus the transaction is not possible and the order gets canceled. If you add a house number to the address in your shop account the problem will be solved and you should be able to place an order. Note that even if your address usually doesn't have a house number, it is required (add a 1 as house number for instance).
  • Another cause may be that your browser has a pop-up blocker installed or you clicked away the pop-up. Please place a new order and make sure you have the pop-up blocker disabled or make sure not to click the pop-up away.
  • If all this is not the case, make sure there is no failure occurring with your bank account: check if you have enough funds available on your account and ask your bank if there is any payment limitations that impede the payment.
  • It can also be that based on the IP address you used, the order was cancelled due to fraud prevention restrictions required by the credit card company.

An alternative would be paying through a different payment method (PayPal, bank transfer).