My Fairphone 2 gets hot

When this happens (particularly around the top area) it means that your processor is working hard and processing a lot of things at the same time!

Most of the times it means that a lot of apps and other programs are running in the background. We recommend to occasionally close all apps running in the background to calm down the processor. It might also be the case that there is a third party app running in the background which is causing this to happen. So check for any apps that might be causing this!

Next to that, the Qualcomm processor in your phone is a high performance chip which is known for getting hot. Most phones who have this chip have metal casings around the phone which conduct the heat. Since our casing is made of plastic, the heat stays more centralised around the top of the phone.

If all these suggestions do not improve the issue then there is only one more suggestion we can make from a distance. This is to perform a hard reset on the device to exclude the possibility of the software causing heating problems.

You can alternatively take a screenshot of the app Phone Info and attach it in a request to our support team.


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