My Fairphone 2 gets hot


If you notice the back of your device getting warm, in particular above the Fairphone logo, it means that your processor is working hard and is processing a lot of things at the same time!

There are many reasons behind this behaviour and with this article we will try to lay them out for you.

Design choices

As you may already know, the “brain” of your Fairphone 2 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. It sits right above the SIM card readers, besides the camera, which is where the heat you are noticing comes from. This processor model is known for getting warm when under load.
Next to that, the frame and casing of the FP2 are made out of plastic, which does not disperse heat as well as metal.

The combination of these two design choices makes the temperature of the device more noticeable for you. This is nothing you should worry about unless your device reboots unexpectedly. If that is the case, let us know.

Apps running

Usually, when your processor gets warm, several apps and other programs are running in the background. We recommend to occasionally close all apps running in the background to calm down the processor.

When your FP2 warms up when you don't expect it there might be some application(s) stuck in the background. To fix this, reboot your device. A full boot cycle will likely bring your device back into normal working order.

If you think this is happening a bit too often, you can also try a factory reset. This will remove all the third party apps you installed along the way (and your personal data too so make a backup!) and excludes the possibility of software causing heating problems.


SIM card

Make sure your SIM card is not older than two year or dusty and rusty. When the SIM card is corrupted, the processor has to work harder and harder to communicate with it. If you are unsure try out a different (new) SIM card in your device, or request a new one with your provider.


If all this doesn't solve the issue, make a screenshot of the app Phone Info and attach it in a request to our support team.