Fairphone OS downloads for Fairphone 2


If an automatic update does not work, you can install an update manually. Download one of these most recent versions of the Fairphone OS for the Fairphone 2 to do this. These files are sorted by Android version.

To use any of the files listed:


  • Refer to the README file included in each .zip archive.

Need information for Fairphone Open? Go to code.fairphone.com.

When you want to update your phone to the latest version of Fairphone OS, try the built-in Fairphone Updater app first. 

If you search a specific release of Fairphone OS which is not listed here, contact us and we try to find it for you.


If you want to downgrade to an earlier version of Android than the one you currently use, a factory reset is necessary. This means you need to make a backup.


We only maintain the most recent version of Fairphone OS. If you downgrade, we can not offer you support with any bug you might encounter.

The files

Android 7.1


The Android 7 upgrade cannot install on encrypted devices with secure start-up enabled.
Disable secure start-up first:

  1. Go to the security settings
  2. Re-enter your current screen lock, but leave secure start-up disabled. You can re-enable it after your are done installing the update.

Android 7.1 files:

Android 6.0

Android 5.1