The alarm does not ring

There are two possibilities which can cause this. It's normal behaviour if:

- you have selected the 'None' mode

The Fairphone 2 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop and it's using Android’s new interruptions scheme — that is All, Priority and None. You might find yourself selecting 'None' and using it as a way to mute your phone. This way you will not hear your alarm ring, unless you select ‘until next alarm’( only applicable if you’ve set up an alarm through the Clock app).

Android’s Do not disturb features are easy to set up. Use the volume button on the side of your device and a menu on the top of the screen will appear  with the options None, Priority and All. Tap None and you will see three options (two when you do not use the alarm function). Indefinitely, For one hour and Until next alarm. During the chosen time no notifications will wake up your phone - this includes calls, texts, updates and even alarms. When you choose Until the next alarm, that is when you shall be able to hear the alarm. 

By selecting Priority, only specific interruptions will be allowed through. To set these up, select the cog wheel on the top right hand corner. Finally, All will allow all notifications to come through. You can assign each of these settings to work for a specific amount of time or indefinitely.

If you don't want this None feature, press a volume button and choose the option 'All' instead.

- your Fairphone 2 is turned off

The Fairphone 2 does not ring the alarm when it is turned off. To spare some battery and to get a long deep sleep that finishes as scheduled, we recommend using the Airplane mode instead.

General Android usage tips:

In general, on software questions about the usage of your Fairphone we recommend the following resources:



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