Diagnosing my Fairphone 2 with Checkup app

We have developed a software tool to help you and our Customer support team diagnose what is going on with your Fairphone 2 in case of trouble.

It contains several tests to find out what part of the Fairphone has an issue. Customer support can ask you to use one or more of these tests. When necessary, order a new spare part in our webshop if you want to replace a module. Or contact Customer support when it might be a replacement within warranty.

This tool, named Checkup, Hardware Diagnostics is available under Settings > Maintenance.
If you do not see this tool, make sure your Fairphone 2 is running the latest update version.


How to use Checkup, Hardware Diagnostics

In order to get accurate test results, we recommend to start your Fairphone in Safe Mode. This way any third-party app that might interfere with the hardware will be excluded.

Below you’ll find information about the tests that Checkup has to offer.
We update this list when we update Checkup with new tests.


Screen (LCD)

Use this test to check your display for dead pixels and discolorations. The test will show you five different colors and one gradient color. Tap on the screen to change color.

Pay attention to any display abnormalities when a full screen color shows. For example a different spot of color instead of a consistent color block.



With this test you can recognise any issues with the touchscreen by drawing random lines on the screen. If you cannot draw anything in a certain area, your display is faulty. Contact our Customer Support for further help. 


Ear speaker


Find the ear speaker in the top module. This speaker lets you hear the other person during phone calls. Start the test and pretend you are making a phone call. If you hear music through the ear speaker, then this speaker is working as it should. 


Loud/rear speaker

The loudspeaker is part of the bottom module. When you listen to music, video’s or have a hands-free phone call, this is the speaker that you use.
Press ‘Start test’ and use the Volume up and Volume down buttons to lower or raise the sound level. If you hear music through the loudspeaker, then this speaker is working. 


Primary microphone

The place of the primary microphone is in the bottom module. When you make a phone call, you use this microphone. Start the test, hold the phone like you are making a phone call and start talking. If you hear your own voice through the ear speaker, the primary microphone is doing fine.


Secondary microphone

This microphone is located in the top module and helps to cancel out ambient noise when you make a phone call. Start the test, hold the phone upside down but pretend you are making a phone call and start talking. If you hear yourself, this microphone is working.


Mobile connectivity

This functionality displays information of the inserted SIM card(s).



This functionality displays information of the Wi-Fi (WLAN) connection.


Vibration motor

This test will check the vibration motor of your Fairphone 2. It is part of the bottom module. Tap to vibrate.