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Welcome to Fairphone Customer support! 

Our support service is part of the purchase of your Fairphone device. Even though we hope you will not need to contact us for technical support, we know this might happen.

With some years of serving Fairphone customers, we want to share some knowledge with you to prevent unnecessary delays. Next to that, we have a blog post with great tips on how to prolong the life of your Fairphone 2.

So what can you expect from us?

We provide

  • Troubleshooting - use it for a quick diagnostic and - potentially - a fix for your issue. This will save you and us time resulting in a faster resolution and prevents unnecessary frustrations
  • Support articles - where we provide instructions and explanations on issues you may encounter, what to expect during several processes and general info on your phone
  • Direct support via our support request system
  • Repairs when needed

We do not provide

  • Insurance - keep in mind that a manufacturing warranty is not an insurance. To cover theft, loss, water - or fall damage, you need to insure your phone
  • A Phillips #0 screwdriver which you need to remove the modules from the core module. Please note, Philips is not a brand name but a screw shape.
  • A charger. To prevent unnecessary e-waste we do not automatically provide a charger with the device. Especially since most customers already have a compatible charger laying around.
  • A substitute phone. In case of repair, you’ll need to arrange that yourself. Maybe you can borrow a spare device from a friend or family member.
  • Recommendations or in depth support on third party products. The specifications can give you a preliminary insight on compatibility. If you need recommendations on downloadable software or compatible hardware, you can consult and participate in the FP community via the forum! For support on third party hardware or software, you will need to contact that supplier.
  • The direct phone number of Fairphone employees.
    Teams you can directly contact - only in English:
  • We do not sell parts nor repair devices in our headquarters office. You do need to create a support request to receive approval and repair instructions from us

We are happy to help you experience a working Fairphone, so when something is amiss and the troubleshooting, support pages or forum could not help you out, contact us as soon as possible!


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